Monday, 10 July 2017

Saturday?Sunday night round up


Its been a particularly long week this week with all sorts of things going pique tong at work and having to be dealt with - as a result of which I collapsed in a deep sleep last night despite being in bed early 11:00pm and slept right through until about 11:00 am this morning a total of 12 hours - lazy so and so.  I then started looking for a recipe in a book I have for a friend and which I cannot lay my hands on at present- I will still keep looking though.

Since then I have been writing and preparing a few posts for use during the week - its far too hot outside for me so I have kept to the cool of the house.   I have made the most of the time and although have been working at the computer have been researching different things and writing up ideas for posts.  I do this on a regular basis and then I go back and play with them or add to them.  It has probably done me good to have a day where I have not really done much as everyone needs to relax now and then. I will hopefully be able to get out into the garden later on today and do some  more on the planting side.

OH has not gone fishing so all my plans for having a batch session with dealing with the wine have had to be put on hold as I just cannot get on and work with him loitering and being a distraction.  So maybe this is something I will be able to get on with next week - I think he will go then.  I do however have the oranges - I need to obtain the orange juice.  That might well be something that I can do one night in the week or do next weekend if he goes fishing.  I want to build up a stock of house wines again.  Country wines.

I also have a number of different preserves to do as well as a lot of sorting in the house. 

I am hoping to get up early tomorrow morning so that I can get on with a few things whilst it is cooler and quiet.

I have also been looking for a potting bench for myself and also a work bench for the OH in the shed, as both of us need somewhere to work on things. 

I am interested in doing up individual pieces of furniture which I have never done before.  I have a couple of old chairs which are well knackered and need some TLC.  They are stained at the moment but I would quite like to restore them as bedroom chairs.  I had thought about gluing them back together and painting them and then making a cushion pad for both of them.  They are hoop backed chairs with like wooden dowel slats from the hoop and a wooden seat where you can see where the legs join into the seat,  Very rustic but I don't know whether I am doing right in painting them or whether I should re-stain them.  The backs remind me of an Ercol dining room suite that my Aunt had in pine but I don't think these are pine.   I am also looking for a new sink and base and taps for the kitchen. I have always prior to coming here had a kitchen sink with a double mixer tap high enough so that you can get a bucket underneath which is far more practical from my point of view especially when it comes for putting water in the bucket for washing the floor.

I also need a hosepipe for the garden.  I may well have to buy two and then join them as this is a very long garden and what little time I have needs to be utilised better.  Lugging the watering can about has not done my back much good this week.

Unfortunately I did not manage to get into the garden again today so I am hoping to do the watering up first thing when I can give everything a good drench.


I was up early and managed to get the garden soaked first thing.  I have then been pottering with things on the preserve front.  I have managed to do some more stuff and got some more items into the dehydrator.  I want to dry some cherries as well.  Cherries are always expensive but it will be good to do some myself.

One of my aims is to dry as much fruit as I can and use this for my Christmas cakes this year as well as my Christmas puddings.

However I also want to get some more cherries bottled in Kirsch, added to the Rumptopfs, spiced to serve with cold meats, bottled like a pie filling which I should be able to do now that I have the Clear Jel to thicken it up with.  I will pay a visit to the market to see what they have.  Must have my cherries and maybe some cherry jam.

We did not go anywhere on Sunday it was far to humid so we stuck to the house and I suppose in the greater scheme of things did not do very much. But hey that's how it goes some weeks.

Catch you soon.



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