Saturday, 22 July 2017

Soap, Scents and Shells

Something to lift the mood when days are a little monotonous and your mood is down.

I think basically I am an old fashioned type of girl.  I like traditional scents like, rose, lily of the valley, lavender etc.  For many years I have not used soap on my face choosing to use just nice hot water and a good mosituriser.  Recently however this has changed as I was in Holland and Barrett and they had an offer on some prettily packaged soap.  I bought it home not expecting much of it and it is one of the loveliest soaps I have come across.  It is beautifully scented and the scent lasts even after constant use.  Very much a ladies soap but very lovely.  I have also found it recently in different scents in Clintons card shop

I first came across some nice soap as a teenager when away on holiday and the company who produced it were called Crabtree and Evelyn.  I bought two bars of soap one was called Tudor Rose and the other Damask Rose and oh they were lovely.  In fact I did not use the soaps but kept them in my undie drawer and for many years they scented my undies.  I think they may still be there somewhere not too sure.  Its what ladies used to do then.  Quite often as well little gifts were made out of a nice soap and some pins and coloured raffia to make a little ornament/useful clothes scenter for the drawers.  In my time I have made these but gave most of them away as pressies.  Lordy I am showing my age.

I have also recently found some lovely soaps at TK Maxx as well.

These are the soaps that I am talking about:

I personally love these soaps to bits.  I can only speak as a I find.

However I have found that when I am down colour can help lift my mood and lovely scents do as well.  Just something we can do for ourselves when the days are appearing grey and a little down.  I wish you could smell their lovely scents.

I have a basket in the bathroom where I keep all my lovely pieces of soap and bubble bath etc.   I suppose its more a ladies pamper basket as there is always something to find in there as I tend to buy little bits and pieces when I see them and then add to the basket.  It is as short as it is long as soon as I have used one another one has gone in to replace it.

I also keep a jar of shells in the bathroom all different colours, all sun washed but very natural.  They are kept in a large square glass vase and every so often I run the shells through my hands and they remind me of hot long days on the beach in a very British Summer and its then that I yearn to be down on the coast again.  Happy days wandering around rock pools and of course picking up pretty shells and pebbles.

Its funny how simple things can bring the most pleasure.

Catch you soon.




  1. Not quite so old I think! Nice smelling things are still given presents, Lush and Body Shop are proof of this. Also pinterest and youtube are alive with diy bathing beauties :)

    1. Hi Mumasu

      I meant old fashioned cuz I like the older scents. Soapmaking is actually something that I would like to have a go at at some point. I have all the bits for candlemaking which I have done once but thought would make some during the start of the winter months to give as chrissie presents. Its something to think about. Have you ever made either. Lovely to hear from you take care Pattypanxx

  2. Those soaps are gorgeous and what a good idea to keep a glass jar of shells in the bathroom. I put mine in the flower beds! I also keep my pretty soaps and bits on a red cake stand :D

  3. Hi Yarrow. If you ever get chance to buy any of the soaps they really are lovely and natural process used for making them. I wish there was smelly vision on the internet then you would know just how lovely they are. Hope things are going smoothly for you at the moment and that you are getting the animals all sorted with their passports. Hope it goes well for you you really deserve it. Take care. Pattypanxx


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