Sunday, 23 July 2017

Sunday Sunday or should that be Cherry Ripe

We woke to rain - in fact I think it rained for the best part of the night, but we needed that rain for all the plants to survive.  The plus side was I did not have to water up.  But it did go cold and I ended up putting a jumper on.

I then decided that I needed to go to Mr T's they have a wonderful selection of veggies and fruits at reasonable prices as well,  OH has been buying cherries in a kg box every so often at a very reasonable price £4 for a kg tray.  So I have come home with a load of them to make into cherry pie filling.   The ones I got the other week I turned into cherries in syrup.  So it looks as if a little later I am going to be sat on my stool radio on pitting cherries; but it will be worth it in the long run when we are able to have cherry pie out of season. So if you want cherries these are really lush and cheap at the price.  Everywhere else I have been seeing cherries of a lesser quality for £5.99 per kg.

I also bought a box for eating and a mixed box of apricots, peaches and nectarines for £2 a box - same size as the cherries.

I have also had another good mooch around Mr Ts and there is quite a lot there that I am interested in - there is equally a lot which I am not into.  My real interest is in bare ingredients and doing it myself.  

We bought a small piece of Irish beef for Sunday dinner but there was not a lot to choose from on the joint front. I think we have more choice by going to a proper butchers.  That is cooking at the moment and we have roast parsnips, roast potatoes, swede mash and mixed greens to go with it.

I have also been mooching through some of my recipe books  looking for different recipes and I have found some that are new to me and which I am going to have a bash at.

And then down to work.  Clearing some rubbish in readiness to take it down to the dump and then taking it down there.  We still have another trip tomorrow and I do not think it will be the last trip.  Have been having a bit of a clear out.

The sun was out for the best part of the afternoon and we walked Missy.  The blackberries are now starting to colour up and there are a lot to come.  The elderberries some of the bushes are really black but there is not enough to give a good harvest.  Will have to see what they are like next week and whether there is enough to take then.  The tree that we found last week which we thought was a plum is and is starting to colour up.  We have also found its twin.  So we are keeping an eye on them.  They actually look like Victoria Plum trees.

Its now gone overcast and threatening rain again but I am inside and I have a lot to keep me occupied.  Off to get on with things.

Catch you later.



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