Friday, 21 July 2017

Thank God Its Friday

Its been a turbulent week here at work and at home.  The car went in for a service the other day and was not ready by the time I left work.  My foot had been aching most of the day and because OH was not around and it was late when I found out he could not pick me up rather than calling a taxi I walked home and I think I did a little too much.  The following morning my foot was complaining dreadfully and was swollen and I was hopping about just a little bit.  Yesterday was a bit easier but I fell asleep on the sofa and did not wake up until gone 11 I had crashed out.  The only good thing about this was that I had rested my foot and today it has been a lot lot better.  So am getting there.  I didn't get my lunch until late today as too much work on the system but went later in any event as I needed some fresh air.  It was good to get out.

I am therefore looking forward to being home for the weekend.

It started with a walk, taking Missy for her constitutional down near the river; and there we came across a butterfly sunning itself in all its glory.  Lovely sight to see.

I am lucky I did not chase it off with my shadow.  When you see lovely natural  things like this makes you realise just how good life is.

I spotted elderberries starting to come out tonight and I mean black berries.  The brambles are starting to fruit and I nicked one and a week on and they are starting to ripen and they don't taste too bad.  So may have to go out on a recce over the weekend.

I had hoped OH would go fishing so that I could get on with some craft work done.  Its ages since I have had the opportunity to do any.  Never mind hopefully soon.  I am one of these people who don't mind my own company and often quite happy being so.  Although we all need to be around people at times.

Right let the weekend begin.

Catch you soon.




  1. Our blackberries are always later here. We saw some by the side of the road in Gloucester the other day, really big fat juicy berries, but bound to be covered in petrol and diesel fumes from the busy road. Can't imagine anyone picking them there as the houses opposite were the very new sort with youngsters in who don't even recognize a blackberry as something to eat as it's not in a punnet in Tesco! Meow!!

    Sorry your foot has been so painful, I hope you can rest it this weekend. What a shame you can only do your craft work when your OH is away from home.

    1. Hi BB, not many take advantage of the blackberry even though a lot of us like them. I tend to pick what I can and then bung them in the freezer to make bramble jelly or bramble and apple jam when things are a little quieter. Its then I get the maslin pan out and stir and dream.

      OH distracts me when I am trying to do my craftwork and I end up losing my concentration. If I am on my own I get on great guns without interruption. So that's why I tend to wait for him to go. Foot is getting there and is a lot better than it has been. Just one of those things at least for the best part my walking and my back is a lot better than it was. The first of the Elderberries were also out yesterday. Perhaps give them another week to ten days and it will be time to pick them here. I want to get some elderberry jelly, wine and some more Pontack sauce on the go as well as some Elderberry Rob and may be even some dried. Next year I am going to dry elderflowers as well as you can make the syrup and the wine from dried flowers.

      Right I have a visit to the veg shop planned - I intend to play again later on.

      Catch you soon.



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