Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Dehydrator Part 2 Raspberries, Orange Slices, Lemon Slices, Blueberries

Well I am really getting excited about the dehydrating.  The flat leaf parsley has come up well and so has the Kale.  It shrinks down quite a lot in the drying out process but as long as it helps give some added flavour and goodness to whatever it is added to that's all I am interested in.  If you have a fruit garden then you need a proper dehydrator.  How I am doing it at the moment is not the cheapest but I would rather buy a tub of raspberries and dry them than buy a block of chocolate.  Inadvertently, I am going to be giving myself more choice on the ingredients front and hopefully a lot more flavour.

I can foresee this is going to save a waste problem if used correctly and if I get into a routine of clearing the fridge of all those bits and bobs  (after having our bits n bobs Chinese stir fry) and that might be otherwise be wasted even if the excess veggies get used in stock powder then at least that is something else I do not have to buy.  Its the little things that make  all the difference.

So what have I been up to tonight.

Well there are Raspberries drying upside down in the dehydrator apparently they keep their shape better if they are sat on the rounded end pointing upwards.  They look like mini witches hats without the brim.

I followed this tutorial on You Tube:

Then there are the lemon slices.  Primarily I had thought of using these as a refreshing drink the lemon is powdered once dry and then the powder added to water (however at this point I do not know in what quantities).  I do buy Lemons and use them a lot.  I can usually get decent lemons from the veg shop.  As they are expensive these days I do not like wasting any part of a lemon.

Here is a link on how to dry the lemon slices

And here are some ideas on how to use the lemon slices once they are dry.

There are lots of ideas out there on how to use the lemon slices etc.  

I had thought of drying them in advance for use in Christmas Garlands, and decorations, pot-pourri, for use in a spice bag for mulling wine.  You are only limited by your own imagination.  The zest and I emphasise the zest can also be dried and kept in an air tight container to flavour cakes and icing/buttercreams for decorating cakes or wherever you need a lemony flavour.

I have also dried Orange slices.  I have used a knife but next time I shall use a Mandoline to give a more even slice.  Oranges can be used in a similar way as well.

The room smells lovely and citrusy and I am hoping that they turn out well.


The lemon and orange slices seem to be nearly there.
The Raspberries are taking their time but they are slowly drying out.
I have added blueberries and strawberries as well but it will be tomorrow before they are done.

I will update tomorrow when they are finished.


There is peel juice and lemon and orange ends left over from slicing the citrus fruit and I have combined them in a jar altogether with white malt/spirit vinegar to make homemade cleaning vinegar.  I have found this very effective on a greasy cooker.  However it means that I can add in extra peels as I go along so that you absolutely get value for money and the most out of what you have been using.  

I do not react very well to the new spray bleaches that are available and so prefer a more natural cleaner.  That is also relatively important with having the cats and a Jack Russell as I have their wellbeing to think of as well.  

So, so far so good.  Now I have started using it I wonder why I had not got to it before.  I think it is going to be really good for yogurt, raising the bread dough and making salt dough Christmas ornaments as well as pot pourri and other goodies.  I am so glad I invested in one.  The orange slices together with some bay leaves and fir cones and ribbon will make some nice ties for Christmas parcels as well.

Right had better get a wriggle on I have tomatoes part cooked to get in the dehydrator as well for "sun kissed" tomatoes.

Catch you soon.



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