Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Things in the Fridge and Cleaning the Fridges

What I use the Fridges to store

I have two full length fridges partly due to the fresh food I have for preserving the other one is everyday things like cheese, cold meats, fresh veggies etc.  They sit in the dining room as there is no room in the kitchen and yet there was no way that we could have an all American style version as there is no plumbing and no capacity to have one here. So I opted for the storage on the grounds that one day should I ever win the lottery then these could go in the utility room to the dream house.  Well they might not be working by then but that's what made me opt for them.  Practicality and storage for those kinds of preserves that are a little bit volatile like oil based preserves like peppers and mushrooms in oil and goats cheese or labneh or feta cubes and chilli and herb.  As I have said before once you start preserving it becomes addictive.

I always start off with good intentions with the fridge with everything nicely sorted and you can find it easily to squeezing in bits and bobs where I can.  However generally you can usually find things easily enough.  It is great for the veggies as well.

I tend to have a meat shelf, a cheese shelf and cooked meats shelf and sauces and things like that as well as keeping the fruit and veggies in for the preserving.  

I have bought Olive Oil today; not the virgin type as I only ever use that for dressing food.  I may well get some more tomorrow as I have in mind to make a selection of herb oils from the herbs in the garden; however they will store in the fridge as oil is and can be very volatile.  It can go off very quickly so it is best to make in small amounts.  I have heard a lot about fresh herbs causing a problem with the oil and possibly botulism.  However this article here may explain that a little more and offer a way of preparing home made oils safely.  However home made oils are really only for short term storage.

Cleaning the Fridges

With it being scrub out kitchen time the fridges get cleaned thoroughly when I am going through.  Yesterday I managed to get one of the fridges sorted the other one is destined to be dealt with tonight.  I use lemon juice and hot water to clean the fridge.  It has glass shelves so they always get a  good nice hot wash and then I dry down with paper towels as it brings the glass up smear free.  I also keep a cut lemon in the fridge to keep it nice smelling.  The outside of the fridge is cleaned with Dettol wipes and then polished up.  I also use the Dettol wipes on the door handles through the house as well. So lots of hot water, some elbow grease and lemon is how I clean the fridges out.  They do come up quite well.

I have the second fridge to deal with tonight after my tea which is sea bream.  We have not had this before so will see if I like.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.




  1. What do you mean by "an all American fridge"?

    Fridge freezer combo? Most North American fridges don't need a water hookup. In the last 30 years of marriage, I've only had one fridge that requires a water hook up for ice and chilled water. It came with a house we bought. This feature adds on at least $300 to the price, so most people don't bother with it.

    1. Hi Eloise,

      In the UK the American style Fridge Freezers are very popular. The ones with the big double doors. That is what I mean by an American Fridge. However a lot of the models available or at least the ones I was looking at needed plumbing in. Both my fridges are in my dining room. We rent the house and there was no way we could discretely and safely get plumbing into the dining room due to the configuration of the water pipes etc. That is why I opted for two larder style fridges which did not need plumbing in. I had really wanted the ice maker and the water chiller. But you can only do what you can do at the end of the day. Needless to say I| am happy with the larder fridges I have. Take care.



  2. How was the sea bream? You're lucky with 2 fridges, I'm hoping to sort a spare one for the preserving season next year xx

  3. Hi Tracy

    Didn't have his highness was due to cook - its on for tomorrow night. Never tried it before so am very curious. We have the fridges in the dining room. I bought two fridges much to OHs displeasure but I needed to be able to keep stuff fresh. My fridges are in my dining room and there is no possibility that I could have an American style Fridge Freezer which is what I was really after because the house is not ours and there was no way we could get the plumbing into the dining room. So that scuppered that. I am very pleased with the ones I have though they are superb larder fridges and keep things nicely cold. It means that I can prepare things ahead and actually keep things safely rather than with the tiny fridge that we had before.

    Hope you are okay take care. Pattypanxx


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