Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Tuesday evening catch up

I am catching a moment whilst I am cooking tea.  

It did not start off as the most auspicious of days.  

I received a visit from a workman whilst I was still in my nightie who had come to quote for the fence so I had to rapidly get dressed in order to escort him down into the garden.  He has been asked to quote and I have asked that he lets me know when he is coming and I will make sure the garden is clear for him to get down to.  It has only taken over a year for the Rental Agency to do something about it.  We will wait and see when they come but it will be nice to have a private garden again and then I can really get the garden sorted.

I booked a taxi for 9:00am and it arrived at 8:05am five minutes after I had ordered it.  The operators at the taxi company got it wrapped round their necks.  I felt so sorry for the taxi driver who had been in effect let down by those who were supposed to be providing him with work.  I was promised that someone would be there for 9:00am 9:10am and still no one there so I rang again.  They promised me someone was on the way and I was not very happy as I have to be at work for 9:15. Eventually a driver came but he had only been given the job five minutes before but at least they came although I was late for work.  The day has been very busy ever since but at least it settled down a bit.  Although the car seems to be playing up at the moment.  It is booked in for a repair but the engineer we use cannot get it in before next week.


I have all sorts of goodies on the go at the moment some of which I am waiting to finish in the dehydrator.  I do not think they will be too long.  Last week I was looking for some plain vitamin c tablets which I was able to find but which would have cost me about £18 from Holland and Barrett. (big gulp all I want it for is soaking fruits).  However  I came across some today at Lakeland and that was £4.99  it is the powder form and is used for bread making but it will serve the same purpose.  It will also give me an opportunity to find a cheaper source if possible. However I need it for bottling some more pears and apricots.  It stops the fruit oxidising.   I don't want the fruit looking unsavoury I want it to look the best it can.

I have also ordered some Tasha Tudor books.  I have heard a lot about her and am intrigued to read more about her. I have ordered the Christmas book and the recipe book.  I have also ordered some Le parfait Familia Weiss jars for bottling.  I have a few which I have not used yet but they seem a far sturdier jar for bottling and being as I have my pansy potter moments and end up demolishing or breaking things as I go along the stronger the better in my opinion.

I have also bought a biltong/jerky gun for having a go at making jerky.  I am waiting for that to arrive as well and being as I seem to be using the Dehydrator a lot a the moment it made sense to invest in one.

I also as I have said visited Lakeland today.  They had a sale on and I came away with a few goodies.  It always gets expensive when I go in there.  The Assistants all know me.  It would seem that they are going to be selling the fermentation jars for making kimchi, sauerkraut (probiotic pickles) etc. with the fermentation lock and seal in the glass lid.  One of the Assistants asked me whether I had heard of them, which I confirmed although have never actually used them.  The girls all know me for my preserving interests.  They are a lovely bunch.

I also got three reduced Kilner jars with the rubber seals) what am I like. and some small mason jars I intend to have a go at making some tomato paste and harissa and also some quilted preserving jars which are more for bottling fruits and or jams.  So lots of spokes in the wheel as the saying goes.  There is a lot to do as well.

Oh and I have more cream for making herb butter so looks as though I am going to be busy.

Catch you soon



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