Thursday, 6 July 2017

WIP (Work in Progress)

Some photos of some of the plants in the herb garden still a long way to go

One of the Ivy baskets I recently bought.  It has inspired me to do some more baskets myself.  The Ivy is not a large leafed variety but rather pretty I think.  Thought it would be good for the winter garden to.

One of two planters in the shape of swans which were a keep sake from my Russian friend Veronika and her son.

Part of the Grape Vine.

This is the plum coloured Hydrangea but the more the flower has come out the lighter it has got.  It is still pretty though.

The pretty lilac coloured geranium

Now how did he get here.  He was a naughty boy last night would not come in when he was called I don't like them out overnight as I have lost too many lovely cats that way.    This is Demetri.

I bought three of these lime coloured hangers from Wilkos as well as three black ones.  The lime ones have been planted up with citrus thymes and they seem to like their new home as they are starting to settle and to trail.

The French Butterfly Lavender Plants waiting to be decanted into individual pots.

The other citrus thyme planter.

My reincarted Bay tree.  Landlord had it chopped down whilst I was at work but they left the stump in and it has grown back much to the annoyance of the neighbour who I think was behind the tree being cut down in any event.  

Oh another one of his highness.

The moon tonight.  Not far off being a full moon think it is on 9 July.

after this photo was taken we had one billy oh of a lightning and thunder storm it went on for about two hours circling round the town, I carried on with my watering up even though I don't like thunder or lightening a the best of times.

Now to see if I can get the cat in.

catch you soon.

Pattypan xxx


  1. Great photos Tricia. Your garden is going to look so beautiful once everything is planted. Love your cat - and I hope he came in last night. Ours stay out or come in as they wish - in the summer they are often out, but the moment it cools or there is rain I come down in the morning to four cats in the kitchen! There is a fifth (Miffy, mother to Alfie and Little Whale) but she sleeps rough over at the farm, although she spends most of the day in the garden here, and has her meals here.

    What a shame the Landlord chopped your Bay Tree down (perhaps at next door's insistence) but I am glad it has grown back again.

    1. Hi BB its not for the lack of trying. Still have a lot to do but it has been too hot for me to do anything today which I had hoped to do. OH has my planters built up for me so I have those to sort out as well. He didn't come in again he is being a bit of a ratbag really but he is such a loving cat. I have to con him and manhandle him to get him in which I don't like doing. Squeak goes out occasionally but the others are kept in at present although there are plans afoot to get them sorted so that they can go out the ladies need a certain operation the boys have already been seen to. However I am worried at the amount of traffic that comes down here and I would not want to lose any of them they are all such sweethearts. The neighbour is a bit of a whinger. Hope you have recovered from your marathon sorting session and have found some time to relax. Catch up soon.



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