Sunday, 6 August 2017

A visit to the Charity Shop and Wilkos

During the week I peered into the Charity shop window and noted that they had something that I very much wanted.  So Saturday morning I was up nice and early on the doorstop for opening at 9:30am.

What was I after - well some very large Kilner style jars with the orange gaskets.  Three of the jars were £2 each, three at £1.50.  I also came across three demijohns at £3 apiece.  Bearing in mind that new demijohns cost in the region of £7 upwards I have saved quite a bit of money on these; which I also snaffled up and put with my other demijohns and two little glass pots which are ideal for storing "cheese" in.  I shall write more on this at a later date as I have a follow up post to do on "cheese making".

So I have added to my glass storage supply you can never have enough bottles or jars.  I prefer to source them from car boots or charity shops where I can as you get such a diverse range sometimes though its about realising the possibilities with a particular item or piece of equipment. Some of the jars are Luminarc jars and they are quite big.  Bigger than some of the jars I already have.  Now I have to sort different sized gaskets.  I prefer the orange ones but we shall see what we can find.

I am not sure whether I shall use these jars for storage in the pantry or whether I will use them for preserving and macerating or using for pickled onions.  I think I will let the search for the gaskets determine that.  However I do think they are going to be very useful.

On my trip to Wilkos I also bought some small jars for preserves ideal to use for a small hamper - not as big as a standard jar and some jars like Bonne Maman jars.  These were very different to the standard jars that they had last year and which I sourced quite a few of which has made a nice change.  I will look to see if I can get a few more in the coming weeks.  The smaller jars would be ideal for mustard. 

I am starting to gear up for Christmas.  September is the month when I start buying a few things here and a few things there in readiness for Christmas on the food front and is also the month where I traditionally do a lot of preserving.  
The feeling yesterday is that we are slowly slipping into autumn.  Even the shops are starting to get little bits and bobs in for Christmas not much but a little.  Even the market stall has Christmas fabric out as does John Lewis.  I am hoping to make a lot of my presents this year one way or another but I will start to look for the odd present here and there as well so that I get as much choice as possible.

I have also bought some new dies to use for Christmas cards, tags etc.  Now to start playing.

Catch you soon.




  1. Hello and thank you. I try to be organised - does not always happen but the intent and thought is there. Such is life; Take care pp. x


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