Monday, 14 August 2017

A visit to the Veg Shop

As many of you regular followers will know Saturday is usually the day I manage to get to the vegetable shop and to stock up generally with veggies for the week or lots of fruit to stock up my pantry with by turning them into jams, dried goods, pickles, chutneys, wines and hopefully this Saturday to actually do some canning for the first time with my pressure canner.  This Saturday's visit has ended up with the following together with ideas of what I am going to do with them.  Trouble is I cannot resist a bargain, but there is a lot to do as usual.

This week I have plums for plum wine.  13  punnets for 50p a punnet.  About one lb of plums per punnet - so that will be a good 2 gallon of wine at least. I still have apple and plum jam to make but that will be another week. If I can get hold of Victoria plums for this and for jelly.  And then I want to do more bottled plums as they are ideal for preparing pudding.

Tomatoes for more passatta.

Oranges for Orange and Tarragon and Orange jellies.  Orange and tarragon can be served with Pork and Duck and the like.  Orange jelly can be used in home made Jaffa cakes.

More beetroot for pickling. Can never have enough beetroot.  It soon disappears round here.

Peaches for Peach wine

Peaches for jam - I need to get some for bottling.

Cooking Apples to turn into Chutney and more Apple sauce.  Can never have too much apple sauce.

Runner Beans, cauliflower, courgettes, carrot red pepper, marrow for turning into Piccallili.

Garlic and Apple Jelly.

Onion for Onion Marmalade.

Pink/Red Grapefruit for Grapefruit Curd and for Grapefruit Cordial.

I seem to have a lot to do again.   I will probably do both lots of wine tomorrow evening once I have more space in the kitchen.

Catch you later on.



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