Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Adding to the Rumptopf and other bits and bobs

I have been adding to the Rumptopfs since starting them off a little while back.  So far both have a deep layer of Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Cherries and Redcurrants (not necessarily in that order)  The jars are not far off being full.  I have used one of the old Roses Jars for one of the Rumptopfs and one in an original Rumptopf pot.  Both are coming on very nicely.  I am looking forward to opening them up at Christmas and serving them either with fresh whipped double cream, vanilla Ice cream or Cinnamon ice cream.  Dillylicious. Or just the liqueur served in little shot glasses.  Waste not want not.

Currently I have three proper Rumptopf pots which are replacements for the ones I had originally and which the cats demolished including the one my brother had brought home from Germany for me.  I also have one glass one found at a car boot.  Needless to say the cats are being kept out of the way of these as I do not only use them for Rumptopf I use them for making mincemeat as well.

The Black Cherry Brandy is also coming on very nicely as is the wild blackberry Gin.
I also have in mind to do some mulled pears - I really do like these they make a nice change.  I am a fan of proper mulled wine in any event.  Then of course there are spiced pears, pear and chocolate jam and bottled pears.

I got the plum wine started before going to bed last night; it was a spur of the moment decision but at least these three gallons are started.  I now have to sort the Peach out.  I think I will be looking out for more reductions on the plum front as I have quite a bit I would like to achieve.

I also have wine kits 3 gallons of Black Cherry, 3 gallons of Elderflower, and a beer kit as well.  A Newcastle Brown Ale. I have plans to make more orange wine which along with lemon and grapefruit form the core base of our house wine. I also want to make Rhubarb wine.  If I get Elderberries some Elderberr wine will also be started Plus ginger wine and Cider.  Proper Cider.  So a lot to do as usual.

Even though I have the demijohns I have had to stock up on the airlocks buying new ones I have three packets of two i.e. 6.  It looks as though it is going to be a different kind of hubble bubble when the wine gets decanted into the demijohn and the airlocks start to bubble.  I get mine from Wilkinsons 

Preserving of a different kind for the wine section of the pantry.

Catch you soon.



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