Friday, 25 August 2017

Cinnamon Sticks

Last year I invested in some cinnamon sticks 1kg off Ebay to make some candle holders - I have made them previously about 6 years ago but they have gradually fallen to pieces so my intention was to do some more.  However with being hospitalised for my foot I never got round to it.  However it is down on the list to do this year.  The cinnamon sticks were quite tall specifically for the purpose of tall church candles which I absolutely love come the winter months as they make a house really cozy and the scent of cinnamon as the candle holders warm up is lovely.  In case you had not realised I am a lover of cinnamon as well.

I have a lot of books especially crafting and cookery books where I have seen decorations made out of large cinnamon sticks and yet I have never been able to source them.  This evening I nipped into Tiger as recently I have picked up bunting packs and also jam jar covers and material for patchwork and I wanted to see if they had added anything else.  Sadly there was nothing extra today but I always check out the herbs and spices section as they always have good value packs but have something that little bit different.  Today I spotted cinnamon sticks over 1 foot long and three to a pack for £1.  So I nabbed what stock they have as I have a Christmas decoration(s) to make.  I may go back tomorrow to see if they have added anymore and if they do I may have to add some more to my stock.  You never quite know when you will need a long cinnamon stick!

I plan to make some stars out of them tied with some of my Christmas ribbon.  Here is a rough mock up just the parameters need sorting and then fixings and then decoration.

What do you think?

I also found out today that I have the week off before Christmas and all of Christmas off until New Year which has pleased me a lot as it means I can get on with the practicalities of cooking doing seasonal things as well as enjoying Christmas I have a lot to make up for last year.  OH did not enjoy his Christmas meal although he did not do too badly credit where credit is due so I think he is secretly rather relieved I will be back on duty!

I know its Christmas orientated again - I just cannot help myself.  I am also if I can locate my book hoping to start the embroidery panels for one of my Christmas quilts.  At least I can sit of an evening and embroider the panels until all done and then make up the quilt once the panels are completed.  

Catch you soon.



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  1. Ohhh I love Christmas too Tricia. I remember you mentioning the cinnamon sticks off ebay last year. Glad you've sourced these ones and are planning ahead too. Stars and Christmas, perfect Christmas combination. xx


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