Monday, 7 August 2017

Cutting Dies

I have bought some new dies off ebay.  When I was ordering them I did not appreciate that it was the Works who were selling them.  But needless to say I bought a load last week from the shop.  When I was looking on the website below I put in different variants like paper crafting, cutting dies etc.  Some of the dies are sold singly and some in kits or multiples.

However the two that arrived today are boxes for little Christmas presents/favours or for hanging off the tree with a little something in.

There is a star one, and a snowflake one and even a Christmas Tree one.  I just got the Star and the snowflake.

Just a little something else for the C....... preparation.  Shush its that word!

Catch you soon.




  1. You are going to be ready for Christmas!
    You go girl!

    1. Hi Sunflower - I am going to give it my best shot. I am in a very lucky position where I have quite a lot of crafting stuff and cooking stuff and sewing stuff n crochet stuff etc. etc. Now I want to really get started and get it sorted. We have a continuous Christmas this year the firm I work for have given us three days off between Christmas and New Year - I intend to book the week off beforehand so that I can get to do the things I don't normally get to do and of course crafting and enjoying the Christmas period as well. I am setting my intent and my steering/course so hopefully I will get there. It won't be for the lack of trying. Hope you are keeping well. Are you getting all geared up too? Take care. Pattypanxx

  2. You do realize Tricia, with all this craftiness and cookeryness that you soon won't have time to go to work!!

    1. One of my dearest wishes at the moment BB. I have never ever not worked - the longest I have been out of work is three days. Have always managed to keep myself busy and went with Agencies when there were no jobs on the scene. Even when the kids were home I worked full time. It would be nice to have the choice but I don't think I will ever be that lucky. I do love to play though with the cookeryness and the crafting. Master of nothing but I do enjoy what I do. Take care sweetie. Pattypanxx


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