Saturday, 19 August 2017

Distraction of the wrong kind

I have been past the veg shop a couple of times today already.  I already know that I have two trays of Victoria Plums waiting inside for me.  But I have been looking at what to purchase today and what to make with it.  This is where my best laid plans started going awry!

I noticed that they had runner beans in and they looked good.  My first thoughts with runner beans are Piccallili!  So that is what I had planned on doing.  I knew I had the recipe on my blog somewhere but could I find it.  You got it nope.  I eventually found it after about an hour and a half trying to locate it.  Why go to all the trouble because it is the only recipe I have come across for Piccallili I actually like.  It is very different to a normal one as it has stem ginger in it.  I think this lovely preserve is more suited to a lady's palate than a man's but OH wolfs it down just as much as he did my original recipe which is the Pam Corbin River Cottage recipe.

Here is the link if you want to have a go at making it yourself.  It is well worth it.

Since posting the above I have been back to the veg shop and bought my runner beans, red peppers, carrots, courgettes, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber and squash for the piccalilli.  I will set too and prepare these and pop into a sterilised bucket later on.  They are then dry brined for 24 hours then washed through so I need to start this process this evening. So lots of cutting and chopping.

I have also bought more apples, more peaches, my pickling onions were in and so I have bought a stone of those  - some to go in the piccalilli and the rest to be pickled. The first of a few batches as I always keep plenty of pickled onions and shallots in.  Some go as presents but for the best part we eat them as they are ideal to serve with cold meat and cheese. 

I picked up the plums I intend to make plum jam, plum jelly, plum chutney, plum and apple jam and if there is any left over some wine.  I will get more in the week to do bottled plums for the sugar plums.

There is also apple chutney to do.

So I think I have quite a few things to keep me occupied.

Will catch up a little later chopping permitted!



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