Friday, 25 August 2017

Friday night catch up

Its been a busy old week with one thing and another but that is about par for the course here these days.  I am supposed to be doing housework but I have opted not to as I am absolutely shattered.  Oh has ordered pizza as a treat and we are awaiting that to be delivered.  I might do a little bit of ironing in a bit  just to get some of it out the way and onto hangers and then popped away.  If I keep nibbling away at it, it will go down eventually.  But in all honesty I am cream crackered so I do not intend to do anything too strenuous but will get stuck in tomorrow.


The pizza was very nice and I am off to bed now.  Been waking up 4:30am to 5:00am most mornings (when I am usually up at 6:00am)  this week and it has kind of taken it out of me.  Fortunately the medication I think is starting to work; my feet do not hurt as much and I am not stumbling as badly as I was so fingers crossed this will ease things up a bit.  I want to get up reasonably early so that I can get on with things a bit.  Have an awful lot of sorting out to do.  Thank goodness its a long weekend this weekend and for me next weekend.  I am only at work, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  Yippee.

Catch you sometime tomorrow.




  1. I hope you have a restful week end

  2. I am hoping to at some point not sure whether it will be this weekend or not more likely to be next weekend when I think I will get to flop and hopefully do some sewing. I will keep my fingers very much crossed. Hope you are okay. Tricia xx

  3. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling great Tricia, I hope you feel better or at least on the mend x


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