Thursday, 17 August 2017

I Blame Tracey!

I was busy reading my Internet friend Tracey's latest offering late last night where she mentioned that it had come over all dark and looked as though it was going to rain.  I think she sent it this way!  I think that was earlier on the evening. Here's the link to her blog:

Come 12:45am last night here in Peterborough I went down to get his lordship in (Demetri) who was not co-operating at all.  He could not even be tempted with a piece of  chicken.  I came back in and went out again and all of sudden rain out of nowhere and I got drenched/  The cold type of drenching where it makes your inner core go cold.  I had to wait until it stopped before I could lure his highness anywhere near the gate and then as it started to rain again he thought better of it and shot in,  So for getting wet I blame Tracey - only kidding.

Joking aside it was still wet this morning when I eventually managed to get up.  Unfortunately I ended up falling back to sleep and ended up getting up in a bit of a hurry which always leaves me wrong-footed.   However it has brightened up now and is a lot muggier than it was.  However, Autumn is very slowly putting in an appearance.  I think I am going to go blackberrying over the weekend,  OH is fishing and I might well trek down to the river and collect some berries both elderberry and blackberries.  I definitely want to make jam and jelly and some more wild berry vodka.  I also want to make elderberry jelly and some canned hedgepick pie filling which consists of apples, elderberries blackberries and plums oh and I nearly forgot elderberry wine!  So that is an outline plan for Saturday as long as the weather is good.  It also means that I will be able to do a little bit of hubble bubble toil and trouble preserving in my own little world and able to get on as I please. I also have blackberry and elderberry cordial to make.

Tomorrow night I have the plum wine to continue with and to pop it into the demijohn.  I also have the peach to do I have not managed to get to it so far and as OH is fishing it may well be the optimum time to get stuck in on the wine front.  Means I can play a little and get the wine store a little more filled than it actually is.  That means at some point I am going to have to sort out the understair cupboard where my wine racks are.

Tomorrow night will also be the plum and greengage jam session. So it looks as though I am going to be missing and busy in action again.

Today has been a really long day and I am glad to be home but cannot wait to break up for the weekend tomorrow.

Right better get on.

Catch you soon Pattypanxx

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