Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I started sorting the study out

Yesterday evening and taking advantage of the fact that OH was not here.  I started tackling the study/craft room.  OH was intending coming home from his fishing trip yesterday but I had to halt him in his tracks because the study was  still upside down.  So he had another day chilling at the lake. 

Only trouble is that early evening it started chucking it down last night and was raining all night.  We need the rain but seriously we are not trainee ducks and I don't think even the ducks really enjoy this weather.  So he has come back his equipment and tackle is all wet incuding the outer skin on his bivvy. It gets a bit ummy if it is put away wet so I am hoping it dries up soon so that he can get it dried and sorted.

So I  slowly got stuck in.  My computer desk is all nicely tidy again.  I have a lot of books to put back where they belong as well and the usual washing and scrubbing. I am a bit of a bibliophile - I just love books.   I am taking advantage  of OH being away and making the most of the opportunity of getting squared up whilst he is out of the way.  So upwards and onwards.  I will not get it finished but I can make a good start on it.  In fact I will recommence it come the weekend when he is out of residence again.  It is a lot easier.

Its surprising what you find when you start tidying - I am finding things I had forgotten about but am glad I have found them.

There is a lot of paperwork I have to sort out.  Some of it is scannable but things like pay slips and bank statements need keeping so I shall do that shortly and re-arrange folders etc.  Just imagine a big pile of papers with me in the middle.  Nah not really I shall break it down into segments. 

Catch you later.



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