Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Just a quckie

Sorry its a quickie.  I hadn't realised but I am due to go out this evening.  Ah well chutney bites the dust again.  Tomorrow definitely on the cards.

I also had some very sad news about my cousin's husband who passed over suddenly last Saturday.  It is all the more sadder because her story is an unusual one.  She fell for and eloped with the father of her best friend and moved out when she was 16 1/2.  She absolutely worshipped him and they were always a very close and loving couple albeit he was a few years older than her; however a really lovely man.  They made a super couple.

That's three 3 1/2 years on the trot we have lost someone from my mum's side of the family.  First my mum's older sister Barbara, then my much loved mum, then my Uncle Kenny last year and lastly Mick.  Too many going too soon.

It really puts things in perspective i.e. that we should live our lives and reach to do those things we really want to do and be brave enough to go after what we really want to do.  Life does not come with an instruction book or how to do things right or wrong as what is right or wrong depends on the individual and what is right for them and their particular circumstances.

Sorry to be a little out there its always sad when a love one goes to the stars.

Hopefully will catch up with everyone later, life permitting.




  1. So sorry to hear that you have had another loss and on your side of the family again too.

    I agree with you about living life to the full and trying to live our dreams.

  2. Thanks BB - it seems to go like that but I have precious little close family left and I don't like losing anyone or my loved ones losing their special folk. However they are still alive in our hearts and never forgotten. Take care pp.xx


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