Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Making Plum Wine

Wouldn't you know it.  I come to locate my wine making book and I cannot locate it.  So a quick foray on the Internet as I do not want the plums to go all yuck and I found this site with a recipe similar to the one that I was seeking in that it is a proper country wine and more natural limiting the sulphites as much as possible.  Plum wine often goes into a second fermentation but this gives the wine lots of flavour and more pzazz and to watch the lovely pink wine with bubbles going up in the glass is being given a real treat.  My Nan used to make Plum Wine and it was a regular on her table.  But then she had the plum trees; most of us have to look for reduced plums if we do not have access to the trees.  If only; one day.

There are lots more recipes here on the same site as well.  A very good site if you a beginner and want to get into winemaking as well as gardening.

Me I have just dabbled for years in making wine.  I have never got rid of the equipment because I have phases depending on time and space a lot of the time

1.  Preparing the plums.
2.  Putting into sterilised bucket.
3.  3 gallons of wine made 24 pts of water added.  8 pints per gallon of wine.
4.  Leaving for 4 days to soak fruit and release juices.

Next stage will be added once four days are up.

Catch u soon.

Looking to carry on with the wine on Friday evening once the four days are up.


Pattypan xxl

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