Sunday, 13 August 2017

More Charity Shop Finds

A green glass cake stand/comport for £1.50

Another jelly mould I have four of these and use them regularly.

A porcelain flower bowl  I t needs a new mesh making and I will probably get OH to make one out of chicken wire to hold the flowers in situ.  I love vases and flower bowls and love having flowers through the house  Just sometimes cannot afford them.  The dream home would have a dedicated flower cutting garden.  This little bowl only cost me 50p

Seven little glass dishes that are quite pretty.  I paid £2.50 for these and think that they will match some that I inherited from my Nan.  In any event if they are not an exact match they will blend with those of hers.

Another cookery book this time on baking.  Some very different recipes to those I already have.  Including cream horns which I was taught to make at school.  Simple to make from fresh puff pastry filled with home made strawberry jam and whipped cream or bramble jelly and whipped cream make a lovely naughty addition to the tea table. £1.

I also found this brass lamp with pale green lampshade £4.99.

And these two glass cannisters.  I collect these. £0.49 each.  These particular ones if I remember correctly used to hold Maxwell House Coffee and were a freebie as a result of buying the coffee.  I know because my mum loved coffee and used to buy this one regularly.  She liked the coffee but was also collecting the jars.  I inherited the jars she had left from her. 

I also collect the Victorian Ground glass ones.

I do not have these in my pantry at present although I am adding to them as I find them.  They are for the dream house pantry which will be substantially bigger than the pantry I have at present.  The ones I have are in storage at the moment.

Even though I do not have room for them either I am still collecting the sweetie jars every so often as there is going to be a real need for these in due course for macerating fruit like damsons and sloes, for storing house pickled onions but that's another story.

And these two preserving jars.  £1.99 each

So not too bad for a little recce.

Catch you soon.




  1. Your cake stand looks lovely.
    You always find some good deals!

    1. Hi FF and Linda I have a weakness for Green Glass I have managed to collect quite a few items over the years. I like the table to look nice and I try to find things that will be interesting and look appealing. With the charity shop buying it is either feast or famine. I don't find things for week to week and then I find a bunch of things altogether. It does not stop me looking though. One of my main shops at the moment for lovely things locally is Hope for the Nations a Church charity that sponsers children abroad in the sticks and also Age concern which does so much to help our elders. I also pop into the Cancer Research shop as well. I also love proper glass storage jars as opposed to the preserving jars although I collect them when I get the chance as you can never have too many jars when it comes to preserving. hope you are both keeping well and thanks for popping by. Tricia (aka Pattypan) x


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