Sunday, 20 August 2017

More Charity Shop finds

I also nipped into the charity shop this morning; not really looking for anything but I came away with the following:

A little green Le Creseut Jug £1.50

A recipe book from the Landscape Magazine - all seasonal recipes and some lovely recipes £2.

Another lovely cook book this time from Lorraine Pascale.  Some yummy recipes in there as well.  £2.

Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals.  One that I did not have also £2.

Another couple of books also at £2 apiece.  Some interesting recipes in the first one and a Nigel Slater cookbook.  Both of which I am looking forward to browsing and reading.

This picture was bought for the picture frame.  I am not keen on the print but this nice sturdy pine frame for £3 I can do a lot with.  I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet.  I have lots of pieces that would look good in it; but I have an idea in mind will have to have a play and see what I can come up with.

There were also six cut glass drinks glasses with roses cut into the glass.  Very pretty also £1.50.

So not a bad little haul for a quick trip round the Charity shop.

Catch you soon.



PS  I nearly forgot to show you a find off ebay.  As you may all know I love animals and particularly my feline friends and I won this off ebay.  Now I just need to find a nice frame for it.  It is worked in tent stitch some larger and some smaller.  But I am quite pleased with it.


  1. That jug is gorgeous, fab colour too.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Linda

      Thank you. I thought they were a good price as well - I had only gone round for a browse. Dangerous thing.

      Take care.

      Pattypan x

  3. Hi you 9FF - I thought so. Before I even picked it up I suspected which brand it was. However the bottom confirmed it. Will be a nice little jug for the table and a nice size. I have a thing about jugs. My Nan had different ones for different things, one for custard, one for gravy (not the one that went with the set but a much bigger one) then there were the milk jugs, the whipped cream jug - I don't think I am as bad as her but I certainly like them. I am chuffed. Take care.



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