Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My feet hurt

I wondered why I had been so stiff these past couple of days and my back has been playing up as well.  So I have been waddling around like an old lady rather than one who has an awful lot of living to do.  Inside there is still a 19 year old waiting for her moment to escape! Watch this space! 

The damp weather sets me off but my feet have been particularly bad this week and have been very painful even though I wear sensible and boring footwear.   I do not intend to do too much this evening if I can help it and probably will get my feet elevated. But cannot be helped just have to rest up when I get the opportunity which is not often.  Since the foot operation my walking has been far better but I am still not able to walk as far as I used to as my foot complains, swells and is generally painful if I do too much. I keep doing bits and hope to build it back up again gradually as after all the walking helps with my weight control although saying that I seemed to have lost a little more.  Don't know how but it seems to be moving about again.

To boot at the slightest sniff of it being cold on goes a jumper with a top underneath and then I chuck one of my woolly shawls round my neck particularly when in the office at work as the air conditioning unit blows straight towards my neck.  Now the rest of the residents in our office apart from 4 might be fond of it being cooler we on our pod do not - but this is more medical based than anything else.

Right off to get my feet up.

Catch you later.



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