Thursday, 17 August 2017

Pickling Onions and Pickles

I was told this morning that apparently the pickling onions are  on their way with a bit of luck I will be able to buy some this weekend.  Shallots will be coming soon as well. I had specifically asked for both the same as I had asked for Greengages and Victoria Plums.  Its good to know that my supplier is listening to me.

I always make a lot of pickled onions and shallots as they are good in stews or with a ploughmans or just as a snack.  By preference I prefer the shallots but then again that is what my Nan used to do and they were the first kind of pickled onion of any type I had eaten.  I think they have a bit more punch than ordinary pickled onions.  Well mine do!

For the pickled onions or shallots I prefer the Sarsons Vinegar jars for storing them in with my own home spiced vinegar with the addition of bay leaves, home dried chilli and peppercorns.  If you are not keen on chilli take it out after a couple of weeks or so and the spiced vinegar in the pickle will not get any hotter.

I cry bitterly when preparing onions of any kind.  However I have found that if I soak the onions I am going to prepare for about an hour in hot boiling water it softens the outer skin and you don't get the harshness so much of the onion.  You leave the onion soaking and prepare them one by one.  I then brine the onions by popping them in a bowl of salt water putting a plate over them to make the onions stay under the water and then leave for 24 hours or so.  Then wash them and drain and dry them.  I then prepare the vinegar by boiling it and then letting it cool a little.  Stuff the jars with the onions or shallots making sure that the onions are equally spaced out in the jar and then adding the vinegar to the top. I then go round the jar with a knife to release any vinegar bubbles.  To keep the onions submerged I use some greaseproof paper that has been folded into a little square and pop that between the lid and the onions and once the lid is on it helps keep the onions down.  Label and place in a cool pantry.  Enjoy.

I was only thinking the other day about preparing two large jars of pickled eggs and thinking about getting the trays of eggs in to do the same.  One is kept for Christmas and the other one OH can have in-between now and Christmas - I am not keen!

I also have bread and butter pickled cucumbers to prepare as well and some spiced oranges.

So the pickle pot will also come out starting with the onions.

I also have the remnants of a net of onions that need using up so I may well make some onion relish/marmalade as well in the spirit of waste not want not.  Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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