Sunday, 27 August 2017

Planning for Christmas 2017 Crafting Part 3

On a bright Sunday morning it seems a little insane talking about Christmas planning and plotting, but in reality there are not that many weeks left until Christmas and if making stuff yourself if you work full time - time is indeed of the essence so the most of every spare minute must be made.

When I was turfing the study/craft room out I found several boxes of bought Christmas cards and a couple of rolls of wrapping paper.  I know I am going to make some cards (hopefully and that is my intent) but they will be for family and friends and there will be the work ones and the colleagues ones.  Its good to wish everyone something good and is a positive vibe in this sometimes colourless world of ours.  But Christmas is vibrant and so full of life.

So I need to start early in getting Christmas cards and wrapping paper all sorted out.  I also intend to do some little trims and little ornaments from the Christmas tree and also some garlands out of paper but also from natural materials.  Last year I bought a lot of cinnamon sticks and I have also dried a lot of orange slices and I intend to do more.   When I trim the bay tree shortly there will also be the bay leaves to dry and to use in decorations. I have also sourced a lot of little tiny alder cones and also some teasel heads.

I want to have a go at making my own natural greenery wreaths and garlands and I am hoping to get some Spruce or green leaves in the run up to Christmas and fortunately I have that week off so I should be able to go for a walk and forage som. I  already have Ivy in the garden to have a bash at making my own. 

I also have a lot of artificial garlands which will blend in well with real ones.  I bought two wreath bases last year which I did not get to use so will look out for a few more as they not only make lovely door ornaments but also beautiful table ornaments.  I also have a stash of fir cones.  Whenever I see them I always pick them up and bring a few home.  I just wish I had an open fire/log burner as there are all sorts of lovely things you can do with them to scent and decorate the home.  If you do have an open fire or log burner and have children get the kidlets (if you have any) to collect cones and little twigs when you go out for a walk so that you have some kindling for starting the file.  You can do this even if you do not have children.  And with candles to offer soft flickering lighting you can indeed create a lovely ambience and warmth.

I also intend to make the majority of  my presents this year.  With my sewing machine and stash of fabric and crafty bits and bobs.  

I have already bought some dies for paper cutting etc.  Two little boxes that will make little present boxes/favours or for hanging on the Christmas tree.  Something effective that does not cost the earth. Just the price of the card and the original cost of the die and a little time.  Makes a little present so special and pleasing to the recipient.

Snowflake and star boxes below they are not very big but ideal for putting something small in and its different.  So if you wanted to make some beaded jewellery you have a nice little package into which to pack it in.  Or you could in an appropriate coloured card use them for surprise tree presents.

And I have also bought Christmas fabric, ribbon embellishment, pom-pom makers two different sizes.  I had thought to make a pom-pom garland or two as well.

Since starting this post I have also acquired some other bits and bobs all for Christmas crafting predominantly from the Works.

There are the see through Christmas baubles yet again for the tree useful for popping in a tree present.  They are shown in half as there are two halves in the packaging which twist together.

Some dancing fairies.  I don't know what it is I always associate dancing fairies with the Nutcracker suite ballet and specifically with Christmas so for me I have to have fairies.

There are then the little Swedish style decorations I thought that some could go on the tree, some garlands and wreaths and some for use in Christmas presents.

There are then the dies for card making and making decorations.

So a few more useful bits and bobs for the craft stash to be utilised between now and Christmas.

There is more to come yet.

Catch you soon.



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