Sunday, 13 August 2017

Return of an old favourite

When I first started out blogging many years ago I belonged to a very good forum where a lot of good recipes and information were held and which sadly is no longer with us which really helped me a lot.  It was thanks to the encouragement of the ladies on this blog that I started to bottle never having done it before.

But one of the sites that I used to follow regularly was The Cottage Smallholder run by Fiona Neville.  Sadly although the forum has been ongoing Fiona has not posted for a few years but I am glad to say that she has now popped her head up again and feels that the time is right to start blogging again which I am really pleased about.

For those of you who are just starting out on your journey  (or you older hands)for preserving or putting food by or other life issues Fiona's  forum and blog is absolutely lovely and contains an awful lot of recipes which are super and her experiments with different things like meat preserving and smoking.

The link to the blog is here:

The link to the forum is here

Lovely to see you back Fiona.




The blog I originally followed when I started out was called Creative Living and I learnt all sorts from that blog.  It was run by Mrs L (Sarah) and as a result of me posting above she has been back in touch again.  She has a new blog

Sarah always has been interested in growing and producing her own food and preserving etc in fact dare I say downright passionate.  The new blog is in its early throes but if it is anything like the Creative Living Forum and from what I have seen so far you will learn a lot - probably a different stance to everyone else but It is worth a look.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


  1. I remember you from Creative Living :) I'm still about (MrsL), now blogging at


  2. Hi Sarah

    I wondered where you had got to. Will pop on over. Pattypanx


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