Thursday, 24 August 2017

Rock on Tommy or should that be ping!

I met OH through mutual frends who had found happiness within months of being divorced.  In fact I think they met in the solicitors office.  Wishing everyone to be as happy as they were they started introducing single friends to single gentleman.  I came within their orbit and so did OH!

Anyway they had set up a previous date for him and things had just not worked out and I hear all sorts about how not well it had gone.  I asked what he was like to look at and my friend said a little bit like Bobby Ball and his catch phrase was Rock on Tommy and he also wore braces and would ping them as part of the act. So when they arranged the same for me I insisted that they came to as there was no way I was going to be left with someone I did not know in the middle of nowhere and if things were difficult at least I would have someone to speak with.

We had arranged to go to a local restaurant which had quite a good reputation .  We walked in OH walked out.  It turned out that for our first date all his work colleagues were in the restaurant.  We ended up going really out into the countryside to a very small pub and had a meal out there.

Friends were not at all sure that things had gone well and we dropped them off.  On the way to dropping me back home he asked me out to another dinner at the end of the month which when I told my friends about they were gobsmacked about.

Roll on many years.  My Step-son is getting married at the beginning of September and he has hired suits for the wedding party.  OH included.  They tried the suits on all of them were given braces, so the gents all assumed that they would be provided.  Suits have arrived no braces.  So at dinner today I got a message asking if I could please find OH some braces!  I jokingly said to the girls at work that I had received a cryptic text and instead of using the word braces I changed it for the word suspenders!  There were one or two interested comments as a result.   At dinner I met a friend so I was unable to go in search of Rock on Tommys and as it was late night shopping tonight I nipped into the Centre and thankfully was able to locate some braces (or should that be suspenders).  Fortunately he approves.  So that is all nicely sorted out phew!  I did not think I would be able to find a set.  I think he might rue the day wearing braces as they are very pingable!

I have also treated myself to a DVD Their Finest with Gemma Arterton so I shall look forward to watching that sometime over the weekend.

Catch you soon.




  1. My dad use to wear braces all the time, I remember them well, I wanted some but they were not for girls I was always told.

    1. Hi Dawn my Granddad and Uncles did and I think my Dad did at one stage. My granddad also had the string vest to match! Hope you are keeping well. Pattypan xx

  2. You don't see them as much these days but very useful if nothing else! x

    1. It was only by chance I found them. OH is pleased with them though and at least his trousers are not going to end up round his ankles at the wedding! Catch you soon. Pattypanx


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