Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sunday evening catch up

Unusually for me it has not been a very active day  - just not 100% so have taken it easy.  However later in the day I have started tidying the study/craft room.  Particularly my desk which was in a bit of a state.   I have at long last found my Big Shot and the printer to the computer and have got my work lamp set up in a more convenient place. I still have a way to go but it is a start.

Besides I need it tidy for later in the week so that I can have both desks clear and get out my go cutter for patchwork cutting and also my new sewing machine.  I am very excited and chuffed with my latest acquisitions.  To start with I intend to have a go at the bunting and some smaller projects.  I also have in mind to do a nautical set of bunting for the bathroom - I have the fabric in the shirts I have collated for the patchwork.  There are also some things out of the new Debbie Shore book I have that I want to make out of either new or recycled fabric and lace mats etc.

I also have some repairs to make to some clothing.  It has been lingering for a while so it will be good to get that out the way and then wear it again.

My ironing board also needs a new cover.  I thought that I would get some Navy gingham and make a couple of covers so that I can have one in the wash and one on the board.  I have ordered two lots and hope to make a couple of ironing board covers or more so that I have some spares.

I also as I have said before need to get some fabric to make some work trousers and some trousers for going out in.  I used to make them on a regular basis years ago not only for myself but for my step-daughter as well.

I also want to make some patchwork throws out of the shirts.  This is all new territory for me and I am keen to get going.  I am also looking forward to using the new machine with some applique projects I have in mind.

I also need to make some cushion covers for the front room.  The ones I had were expensive but they are going threadbare I have had them over 25 years so they do not owe me.  Yet again I have the fabric - I do need to buy some more cushion pads so will work on the ones to be replaced first and then make some additional ones and buy the pads for them when I come to it.

There is also a stash of fabric which I have bought for tablecloths and the like which looks as though it might get used up at long last.

A great deal of my fabric came back with me from Australia - fabric was so cheap out there at the time.  I used some of it for dresses and the like but a lot of it is still as it was.  We used to have a really good Fabric Shop in Peterborough called Gordon Thodays - they used to have  branch in Cambridge as well (don't know whether it is still there) but they did all sorts of crafty bits as well and the American publications and such a choice of fabric; but since they have gone nothing has really replaced it.  However we do have a fabric stall on the market that is pretty useful and I go there from time to time as well.

Once I have fathomed out how to use the new machine - I will go and have a look at the embroidery machine.  The demonstrator showed me some samples she had made up with one of the Janome machines and I must say I was quite taken with it.  Offers all sorts of other possibilities.  Fortunately the ladies who do the demonstrating of the machines are very supportive both being needlework and craft addicts as well which is always a bonus.  I have also been looking at an embellisher.  I must add that I have waited for absolutely years in which to have the equipment for needlework that I am buying at the moment.  I worked out the other day that if I had still been with my first husband we would have been married for 39 years.  Gulp!  Where has the time gone.  I have been with OH 30 odd years!

I have also sorted some of my dies for the Big Shot out (well at least those that are in the craft room - the majority of the dies and the embossing plates are in the front bedroom at the moment in a chest).  That is something else I want to work at  - make a few Christmas cards at a time.  I have some lovely dies to use and play with and also have some ideas for Garlands and Wreaths as well made from paper and card and I have some cracker dies a medium sized one and a large sized one and a tiddler.  The tiddlers are for the Christmas tree and the others are for the table to pop little presents into.

I have also had the quilts and duvets in the washing machine today - every so often they get spring cleaned that is why I went for the bigger washing machine.  The bonus is they will smell lovely when they are dried as I used a vanilla and magnolia fabric conditioner on them.  They are in the last throes of being tumble dried as I write this post.  I am afraid I do use the tumble drier a lot although I do get clothes out on the line at this time of year but bedding would take an age to dry so tumble drier it is.

I have also watched the last in the current season of Poldark this evening.  I really enjoy this programme as it shows so many beautiful scenes of Cornwall a county which I love and one where I would love to live.  I really would as I love it there having fallen in love with Cornwall when I first visited at 10/11 years of age.  However the storyline and the characters of the current Poldark are being portrayed beautifully.  The present Demelza has a lovely voice to boot.  So twill be next year before that is back more's the pity.

Right had better get a wriggle on have to get things ready for work tomorrow.

Catch you soon.




  1. How exciting having a new sewing machine to play with. You are always so busy with your projects and plans. Sunday nights won't be the same without Poldark and it's a long wait for the next series.

  2. Hi Sarah

    I like to keep busy - I think perhaps sometimes I take on too much and I think that is when I get overwhelmed but it all gets done in the end. I am seriously looking forward to getting to grips with the new sewing machine. Its a long while since I have done any serious sewing. I used to make a lot of my clothes when I was younger including my 21st birthday dress which was a gypsy style dress with a deep frill on the top and the bottom with lace on it. That was when I was a size 10 mind you. I made a further summer dress from the same pattern in bright cheerful lemon cotton yet again embellished with lace, this time a white lace. I quite fancy having a go at a dress - I have a pattern and I might just give it a go. Got to keep busy that way you don't get too bored. I think I am going to be one of these ladies that when I retire I will not know how I managed to make time to go to work! Thanks for popping by.



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