Sunday, 27 August 2017

Sunday update

Phew, I got my lie in this morning thank goodness and I have had a slow day so far.  I have been cleaning but still a lot to do as when I clean I always bottom everything out and everything is scrubbed within an inch of its life.

It has been a really warm day here - too warm for me to be outside and I really did not want to be cooking.  So I decided that I would take us out for Sunday lunch.  We have therefore been to the Fitzwilliam Arms (also originally known as The Green Man) in Green Man Lane Marholm.  It is a delightful thatched pub that also does really good food.  We had my mum's wake there, but its one of the pubs that my Dad and I used to frequent for our monthly night out for a drink. In the winter months it usually has a roaring fire as well.

Here is a link to the website which shows the actual pub - its lovely on the inside too,  So if you are ever in the Peterborough area its well worth a visit for a meal.

We have both had a roast beef dinner.  I have starved myself most of the day as I was looking forward to going out for a meal and also as I cannot always eat a plate of food as my appetite is not what it was.  However today I more or less cleared it.  It really was lovely.

We have not had starters or pudding but have enjoyed everything we have had all washed down with a shandy for me and a Rosie's Pig (both on draught) for other half.

Now back to reality, a bit more cleaning before I sit down and watch the TV for a little while.

I have a short week this week just three days at work in order to get ready for the wedding.

Right I need to get on.  OH is now comatose!

Catch you soon.



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