Thursday, 17 August 2017

The forager's/pulling hook

What's one of them you say.  Something my grandfather cobbled together out of a long metal rod with hooks either end.  The idea behind it being that you could pull down branches on trees nearer to you so that you could harvest whatever was on the tree or in his case the apples.  Makes life a lot easier.  However if you are going wild fruit picking as well it is useful to take with you as well.  I am only 5ft 3 inches these days having shrunk by some two inches and I really struggle so along goes the hook with us when we go out searching.  Well its a lot less suspicious than dragging a step ladder along.

I am keen to locate some damsons but so far no luck. Think we need to be out of town for these, but we will see.  I have never found bullace yet either. Cherry plums of different colours and yellow Mirabelle plums yes and sloes and blackberries.  Some lucky foragers also have access to Medlars which I have never tried and quince.  I am keeping my eyes on the crab apples as I love plain crab apple jelly especially served as apple sauce with a lovely piece of pork or equally the spiced version which is also a favourite.  Roast Pork is a firm favourite here.

Well if the worst comes to the worst when you go out picking and take your hook with you, you can always say that you have pulled out in the middle of nowhere.  However I think the interpretation of "pulled" might mean different things to different people.

Happy foraging.



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