Monday, 21 August 2017

Trying to find something to wear

I am very lucky in that I have quite a nice selection of clothes - I would not say I am fashion conscious but I do like nice things. With my step-son's wedding coming up at the beginning of September I have been looking for something to wear for his big day.  Unfortunately I am not svelte bit a little tubby round the midriff despite in the past eight years going down from a size 26 to a size 18.  Not through dieting but being sensible and walking a lot as it helps keep my joints active and keeps my weight under control.  That is why it is important to me to still be able to walk as much as I can (despite having the operation on my foot before Christmas).  I still have too many bumpy bits but hey I am down to a size 18.    That to me is a result.

I quite fancied the idea of a smart dress that did not make me look too big as I thought it might be more slimming but everything I like the look of either did not like me.  I am not an old lady yet (with apologies to you older ladies) but I subscribe to the view that age is a state of mind and I intend to age disgracefully just like my darling father.  It does not help that I have lost a couple of inches in height and I cannot wear heels like I used to!  However in the greater scheme of things.

Today I found a dress, a couple of skirts, a tunic top and a couple of tops.  The dress is a marooney red lace effect with short sleeves; I am thinking about getting a contrasting jacket to keep my arms warm but I am still not sure whether this is the dress or whether to wear a skirt jacket and top ensemble that I have and have never worn or whether something else will take my fancy in the meantime.  I do need to find some shoes and probably a matching handbag once I decide on what I am wearing.  I do want to do my step-son justice and look the part but I don't want to spend an awful lot of money in the process.  I think it gets out of hand.

I have the hairdressers this Saturday to have my hair tidied up and a colour popped on - its a while since I had it done but my grey is starting to spread a little and it needs sorting so what better time.  I am going to consult with my hairdresser on Saturday as I quite like the idea of a chignon for the actual wedding so I will see what she says but I thought it might give me a little extra height at least on the eye line.  Just want to look nice - have found in the past that the classics seem to suit me best, but I do love pretty things as well.  So at least I have some options but I am still not sure.  Oh well will see how it goes - the marooney dress has a lot going for it.

Catch you soon.




Here is a link to the dress I bought yesterday



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