Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wine making is very much on the cards

At the weekend I bought a new fermenting bin = they only had the one (from Wilkos) but told me that they would be having a further delivery Tuesday just gone. Unfortunately I could not get in and so nipped in today and there was one left.  So I quickly snaffled it and brought this home.  However that is not all I bought.  I noticed that they had a couple of wine kits left on the shelf Black Cherry ones.  We have had this particular wine kit before and it is lush and  makes a decent flavourful wine.  So they came home too.  When I got to the till they charged me £9 each but on the shelf it said that they were £6 each.  I got them for £6 apiece.

I also have a couple of cans of Elderflower wine to make, some Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit and Plum and apple wines to make.  I have all the other bits and bobs and with the demijohns I got at the weekend I should be able to get into full production soon.  Fortunately I have kept most of my wine making equipment and have not got rid of it.   A lot of it belonged to my grandmother but we also had a lot of stuff of our own.  It just needs sterilising out and the demijohns then need to go into the cooker just before use to properly sterilise them out.  We do not want any nasties contaminating the wine.

I need to sort the shed out at the weekend and then I can get cracking.  I can put the wine making stuff in there but keep the bins in the bathroom to ferment.  Now is the ideal time to get going so that I can put some wine down for Christmas and for having with Sunday dinner throughout the year.  One of our favourites and one of the most basic wines is House Orange wine

My Nan was really good at making and blending wine and my cousin when he used to go and visit used to assist.  He was allowed I wasn't but then again he is seven years older than me.  One job I will have to attend to though is to sort out the wine racks under the stairs.

Catch you soon.



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