Friday, 8 September 2017

Kitchen bits and bobs

I paid a visit to Wilkinsons today just to have a mosey around. I had ostensibly gone there to buy a couple of cheap buckets, the black ones which I refer to as stable buckets.  They are not as heavy as the original ones but just as serviceable for scrubbing the floors so I came away with two.

I also came away with two white cheapie bowls.  I use them for brining vegetables, i.e. for the piccalilli, cucumber, red cabbage, pickled onions etc.  With some cling film over the top they can be left safely overnight.

I also bought this for the pantry.  I came across this completely by surprise.  A modern version of the utility cakeware used in the Thirties.  I did used to have an original set but OH managed to demolish them accidently.  I quite like cream enamelware as it goes with so much.  Simple and smart.  This also has a free standing rack so that you can use it for storing smaller cakes as well.  Looks nice and smart could leave it on the table like this.

I also purchased these two loaf tins.  I thought they would be ideal for a larger sized bread loaf.   They are not quite as deep but they will more than do what I want them to.  Could use them for loaf cakes as well.

I needed some new chopping boards however I refuse to pay through the nose for them as they soon with constant use need replacing.  These boards were £2 apiece from Wilko.

I have also purchased a few more pieces of kitchen paraphernalia a garlic crusher, a bottle opener (I have trouble with my hands) and a spaghetti sizer/quantity gauge.

I have also bought a green polka dot vinyl table cover I have some ideas to play with it and when I get a few moments I will put them into practice.

It is starting to get chillier at night.  I think autumn has started early this year and I think we are further on by about three to four weeks than we were this time last year.  We had rain all night last night and for part of the morning.  OH has gone fishing and taken his 16 year old grandson with him this week. Me I prefer to stay in the warm.  We have not put the heating on yet but it will not be long before we do so.  At the moment I am doing the extra jumper thing but it is not just me I have the moggies and a Jack Russell to consider.  They are all like me despite their fur they like to be toasty warm.  However knowing that the heating bills will be a little heavier during the winter months at this time of year we try and get as much as we can out of a basic amount.  We put the money up but aim not to use as much due to the better weather.

I think that the slow cookers will be putting in an appearance in the kitchen again before long.  I am really fancying a stew and proper comfort food at the moment.

Wilkinsons also had bulbs in so I may go back during the week and see if I can find something to do some pots up for next Spring to pretty things up a bit.

I also noticed today that Wilkinsons were starting to put their Christmas stuff out.  The card shop has had Christmas cards in for a little while.  Matalan has had their Christmas stuff online for a couple of weeks.  The Co-Op have not had their Christmas stuff in yet, some tins/containers of sweets but nothing else.  The dried fruit by the way is still on offer with them 2 bags for £3 on sultanas, raisins and currants.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


  1. I hate it when I need to go into Wilkinson,s, there are always shelves of things that call to me as I try to ignore them. Today's bargain find was a set of steps for £13, very solid and sturdy. All ready for when the high storage goes up in the craft room.

  2. Hi Pam its a call that I have trouble not listening too as well but they do have such reasonably priced stuff. I could do with a new ladder as well we have small ones but not a bigger one and I have some decorating to do in the not too distant future. Quite a bit of it including wallpaper. I have asked OH if he will teach me (not sure that is a good idea as the only time we really fall out is when we are decorating) but hey ho, in for a penny in for a pound. Hope you are okay. Tricia xx


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