Thursday, 30 November 2017

Its very cold here Peterborough and has been for most of the day.  We have even had news that out Wisbech way there was a flurry of snow -that was this morning.  It turns out that we had a flurry of slow this morning in Peterborough.  We have also had a few flakes of snow whilst I have been in town.  I think the snow looks pretty but on a practical basis it makes it difficult getting around.  We shall see if we have any overnight.  Those of you who have the snow just take it steady and keep safe.

I have a lovely thick jacket that OH bought me to keep me warm but today because of the biting wind it seemed to go straight through me.  I took my shawl that I keep at work out with me to try and keep the wind blowing through me when I finished work as I needed to go into town to look for a present for a friend.  

So off I pootled phone in hand  - then it died.  The arrangement was that OH would come and collect me when I was ready and all I had to do was phone.  Trouble is with the phone dying on me I did not have his number so when I had finished my shopping I went and caught a taxi home. Not before I had been to M & S and bought some food for tea.  I also treated myself to a bottle of "Mulberry Gin".  It was on offer.  I don't think I have ever had Mulberries before, but then again I am not sure.  I seem to have a faint memory of them featuring in my early years but do not know why; just seems to be a memory that is slipping bit by bit through my fingers like quicksilver.

Oh it was so good to come into a lovely warm home.  One thing I do not skimp on is heat  as without it my medical conditions get a lot worse if I do.  I would rather cut corners elsewhere.  I then set too and cooked tea.  An M & S Steak pie with Old Peculiar Ale in the mix.  Delicious served with mashed potatoes, stringed beans, mixed veg and mashed carrot and swede crush with lots of onion gravy.  It has gone down very well especially with it being so cold.  But at least we now have insulation on the inside so to speak.  The cold makes me hurt on the inside - that is the only way I can describe I and sometimes its like toothache in your bones.

Talking of heat though I would be happier if I had a couple of log burners to help heat the house.  I think you should have a couple of options at least when it comes to cooking and heating your home; whereas in reality this house at least is heated via a gas boiler and that is it.  That bothers me but there is not a great deal I can do about that here.

OH apparently was late up this morning in any event - unusually for him he switched his alarm off and ended up going back to sleep and then waking up in a panic.  I was completely oblivious as I was out for the count too and then nearly did not make getting up at regular time anyway.  I am very tired and I know he is.  However lots to do over the next week so I do have to get stuck in.

We have a works party (his) to go to over the weekend as well so that should be interesting. I like good company but I also hope that we will not be massively late either.

Right had better get a wriggle on things to do still before I get to bed.

Catch you soon.



P.S.  Nearly forgot would like to welcome a new follower Kate from Oregon who is very welcome.  Put the kettle on, make a brew, pull up a chair get yourself comfy and then start reading.  There are lots of ramblings to go back on.  Hope you finds something useful and of interest and a lot of like-minded ladies.


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