Monday, 18 December 2017

As I suspected

OH has now passed his lurgey on to me.  I am not a happy bunny.  He is really poorly and has been to the Doctors (as have I).  He has coughed that much it has hurt his chest.  Antibiotics have been prescribed.  Just what I did not want in the run up to Christmas.  Never mind.  Apparently it is a virus and he OH has been told that it will hang around for about three weeks.  (we had separate appointments at different times) but she was anxious because of my immune system being compromised that I had something to try and kick it into touch especially over the Christmas holidays. He is a few days ahead of me but because of our medical conditions antibiotics it is for the pair of us.  It is affecting my breathing and his breathing so I am having to sit every so often to get my breath back whilst trying to deal with things back here.  

I have also arranged for Christmas flowers to be sent to my older cousin for Christmas.  We are essentially extremely close more like sisters than cousins (this is on my Dad's side) and when we were younger I looked a lot like her.  Her Grandmother and my Great Aunt was the businesswoman who owned Wellingore Hall which I have previously mentioned.  She has always been very active and could ride before she could walk (Jennie I am sure you would get on great guns with her) as she is proper horsey mad and also has all the Equestrian exams to run her own riding school if she wanted.  My love of horses is very much down to my cousin. I believe she has a Hunter at the moment and a couple of miniatures.

Have got one step closer to getting the sewing machine in situ.  Hopefully it will happen tomorrow night.  Table is cleared now we just need to get the machine up the stairs and set up.  Deeply excited as am going to have plenty of room to do my sewing and my embroidery.  Whoo hoo we are getting there very gradually but I really am looking forward to some serious playing at long last.  It has been a long time coming.  OH does not have as much time off over the holidays as I do so I am hoping to really play when he is out the way (I don't mean that as it sounds) its just that I am going to take advantage of the opportunity. Wouldn't you.

On the food front I do tend to go to town a bit but on a lot of the stuff it lasts me a good six months or more and is there when I need it.  So although a big undertaking it does assist me in the long run by keeping December's money for presents (and bills of course) without having to put them on a card.  We learned the hard way on that one when the children were at home and soon changed our ways.  Really I suppose it is the main pantry top up for the year.  So at all costs we will eat well even when there are not many pennies to be found.

I have been into town once to do some Christmas shopping and really could not find what I really wanted  I like to try and find special things for my friends and family.  Everything seems very much of a muchness and I am not impressed with what has been about thus far.  I think the decision that I have made to make my own presents for next year is the right one for me.  It feels and sits right and after seeing all the beautiful things and projects on all the different machine embroidery sites I see much scope for very individual and personal presents for all for next year.   

Yet again this year has been another learning curve in that even when you think things are going tickety boo somewhere down the line life throws you a curb ball.  That has what has happened here this year but it will not happen next as the time plan is going to be tweaked even more.  On the positive side we only learn from our experiences and me I get things wrong quite frequently.  I am either in it up to my neck or things are rattling round my ankles.  There is no inbetween.

Right had better get a wriggle on.  Hope all your preparations are going well.

I still have no end of stuff to do.

Catch you soon.



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  1. This incarnation of the lurgy seems to be wide spread, I thought that i was over it when it turned round and bit me on the bum, another few days of dragging myself along. I am bang to rights with all the preparations and just have dairy and veg to get in on Friday. Just like you I tend to get the pantry full to bursting and then have an easy few months on the spending front. I do hope that this bug doesn't hit you too hard and that you are able to really enjoy the fruits of your labours. You will have such fun next year with your gift making, 90% of my gifts are hand made.


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