Monday, 4 December 2017

Brief Stop

I am getting stuck in, in the stretch of back garden which is what I refer to as my herb patch.  With me not being 100% just recently the garden has got into a right two and eight and so I have been bogging in for the last couple of hours trying to get it sorted.  It is coming very slowly but at least I can see where I have been. Even though I have had to do battle royal with a rogue bramble that had affixed itself into the wall of the house.  Grhh. It got a bit chilly so I have just popped in for a couple of Scotch pancakes (on this occasion not made but bought) and a nice Mazawatti Coffee to try and warm me up a little.  Will be going back out in a minute or two as I want to break the back of this tonight.  I need to get into the shed  as that needs sorting and I also have a lot of bottling stuff in the house which needs clearing out and putting with the rest of the stuff.  I need to clear all the paths first before I can do that.  The shed also needs painting with the Seagrass Cuprinol to preserve it.  Probably wrong time of year to be doing it but it needs it.  Its a good day for working in the garden as although damp the sun is out although it is a little chilly although pleasant for working.  I look a right so and so in my old tatty jeans, splashed with mud, a couple of old thick jumpers, my gilet and my bright yellow Marigold gloves (could not find my gardening ones - but that's par for the course with me). 

Looks as though OH will be going to the tip at the weekend whether he wants to or not.  The paths will then need cleaning with the new pressure washer I bought about a month ago and have not had chance to use yet. This is only stage one of the garden as I want to pot up some baskets and I need to go to B & Q in any event.  May well go first thing tomorrow morning to see what I can find.  I would quite like some outside cyclamen as they always give a blast of colour at this time of year and some Lenten Roses if I can find them and Winter pansies.  Pansies always look so cheerful. I have plenty of trailing Ivy.  Our back door is the only door we use so at this time of year I make a bit of an effort for it to be tidy (do in summer too) even though the rest of the garden might be a bit of a mess.  I would quite like some miniature fir trees to put in the back part and some standard holly trees and bay trees as well.  I have two lovely large lanterns to put in this back space as well large square ones which are currently white but could end up going black.  Will see how they look once everything is in situ.  Right had better get a wriggle on and get back to the garden.  Warmed up a little now.

Catch you soon.



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