Sunday, 3 December 2017

Christmas Countdown

Has begun and I am now on the Christmas countdown in order to try and get quite a bit done before the big day.  A lot of hard work but it will be worth it in the end.

OH has bought me croissants for breakfast this morning; an almond one and a chocolate one.  Both were naughty but very yummy - I am particularly fond of a Croissant for breakfast at the weekend with a nice cup of coffee (not strong).  Very civilised.  I need to come too gradually of a morning as I tend to be a bit of an owl at the best of times so am best left to my own devices for the first half hour or so otherwise I tend to be very grumpy.

I am very stiff again with all the cold weather and damp; my joints are swollen at the moment which is not a good sign either. Keep taking the paracetamol! Not good when you have lots to do as it tends to slow me down not that I am a rocket but there is a noticeable difference and a lot of the time this is what slows me up.  Never mind we can only do what we can do when all said and done; but next year will be different again.  I must make the time to do what I want to do and get better organised.  There is just too much I want to do at the moment and not enough time to do it in. 

My embroidery machine is going to be used over the Christmas holiday and I also hope to get cracking with the patchwork on my all purpose Janome and cutting out more pieces with the Accuquilt.  I have been accumulating dies for quite some time and still have a few more on the wish list.  There is also the recycled men's shirts quilt in reds, blues and whites to do; which is the original idea I had for doing my first quilt.

Then there is a project that I have in mind using men's recycled shirts again for the fabric using the embroidery machine and patchwork techniques.  We will see how we get on first.  Another recycling project on the cards though along with the others I already have stacked up. 

Come New Year though I intend to work on these and get them out of the way with.  The beauty of the embroidery machine is that it will be working whilst I am sewing on the other machine and I will just have to sort out once there is a colour change or if there is a problem.

Then there are my embroidery kits, the second hand part worked pieces, my needlepoint kits, my crochet. Recycling damaged linens into something new. So ideally the first part of the year needs to be centred on getting things like this done and making presents for next Christmas.  As I have said before I think it is going to get expensive on the thread and fabric fronts and then there will be the software patterns as well but I am looking forward to it -its been a long time coming and having to wait just that little bit longer to play with it and to get it set up properly will be worth the wait.  Then when OH goes fishing again I really will be able to give up time and play. I really need to be crafting to relax now that I have lost my partner in crime to the rainbow bridge who used to make me sit and relax.  As usual I have so many ideas and not enough time to do it.

Over the Christmas period I also have a stack of DVDs to watch so a time to put my feet up as well.  I am looking forward to simply just being and hopefully flopping a bit which I do not normally get the chance to do.  

We have been out for a meal tonight.  OH did not really want to go but even so he has enjoyed what he has had to eat.  He had roast turkey and I had roast beef.  I just needed to get out of the house for a little while.  We bought a doggy bag back for Missy as I could not eat all the meat that they gave to me. Shame to waste it so we bought it back for Missy.  That has soon gone.

Right upwards and onwards much more to do.

Catch you soon.



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