Sunday, 10 December 2017

Erhh I think we have snow

At 3:30am this morning there was not a sign of snow it was freezing outside yes - and it was warmer than it had been earlier in the evening.  When I went to bed it was -1 degree.

This is what I woke up to this morning:

I think that kind of puts the trip off to the tip off for today then!  Oh dear.  We rarely get snow as we are low lying  - well we get it but not normally as bad as everyone else.  So it must be pretty heavy around the outskirts of town in the villages.

My poor bay tree seems to be going in four different directions.

Keep safe and warm everyone. Its blooming freezing out so much so have had hotaches when I have got in.

Needless to say that there is a big pot of stew on and I think we will also be having rice pudding for a change.

Catch you later.




  1. It has stopped snowing but is very cold here, just seen the forecast and we have a weather warning in place. It will be a very slow walk with the dogs in a few minutes, none of us want to be falling down.

  2. Just take it steady Pam. OH has just walked Missy (our Jack Russell) and he says that it is really nasty out. We have had some rain mixed in with the sleet and snow and is freezing so will be terribly slippy in the morning. Sky is still full of snow though. Just be careful we want you in one piece. Apparently Missy loves the snow and was running into it sliding all over in it and just generally throwing it up everywhere. She is now hibernating under a quilt. I think that says it all. Pattypanxx

  3. I kept in the warm today, apart from topping up bird feeders. We were lucky that we just had a couple of flurries this morning, which melted, and some "snow drizzle" this afternoon which came to nothing. I am worried it will freeze tonight as we HAVE to go into town tomorrow and I have to see my Respiratory Nurse on Tuesday - I've been waiting a month for this appt. and am desperate. May have to chat to our friend with a Landrover if necessary.

    I hope it soon melts with you so you can get out and about safely.


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