Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Evening all

I have been busy in action in the garden all day.  A lot to do and still more yet to achieve but things are starting to turn round a little bit.  I have also got the Ivy baskets in situ and planted some more up. 

I did not get to B & Q today but maybe tomorrow will see. 

Its been cold and overcast here all day - no sunshine and it is very cold out there at the moment.  I shall be working in the shed until it is finished.  Have had a right old sort out in there and am in the process of sorting everything so that we can find it.  OH is a messy worker and tends to leave everything where it should not be and I end up tailing behind him and popping everything into one place so that I know where it is when it starts looking for it.  He can never find anything anyway even when it is right under his nose. 

I have been working hard all day including lugging the heavy bags out into the front garden for his lordship to take to the tip on Saturday  Am stopping off for a nice piece of roast pork with mixed veg and mashed potatoes for my dinner with lots of gravy and then I shall be off out again to carry on with the shed.  Once the shed is organised I will be able to get the stuff in from out of the house.  Needless to say a lot of rubbish has been removed.  I also found some things that I had been looking for. 

I have done better on the plant front than I had realised.  Just really need a bit of this and that for the side garden then some festive lighting should set the scene for Christmas although am still after the two miniature Christmas trees. I also want a couple of small plants for the front garden and two hanging baskets and then when the garden is cleared, hedge cut and leaves swept up will get some more gravel into the front garden to tidy things up a little and make it look presentable. I managed to get my four wooden planters down and some plants into them.  Two are designated for two bay trees.  Once everything is as I want it and my lanterns and home made night light holders are down I shall put in the solar lanterns which are like Victorian style lanterns and then I shall have a look for some outdoor lights. Never had those before.

So its hard work as usual but it will be worth it in the end. Just off to have my tea - yum - hopefully I will get back later on - otherwise it will be tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



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