Friday, 8 December 2017

Its a bit raw out there

And has been like it for the best part of the day!  Needless to say where I can I have stayed in the warmth of the house with extra layers of clothing on as well.  I had to nip out to Wilkinson's to get some bits and bobs so OH nipped me over there.  I have ended up buying bird feeders and different bird seeds and fat balls for the birds.  Now that my fence has been replaced!  I have somewhere to pop the feeders on to help the local bird population where I can.  I have bought two seed feeders and a fat ball feeder. We do have local Robins as well so hopefully all the seed supplies will keep them going.  There are also mealworms.  Not what I went out for but it will help the local bird population I hope.  They find it difficult enough with the cold British weather as it is.

I would quite like a proper bird house for the garden as well but that will be for another day I think.  It is still on the wish list. 

Short and sweet as they say; hopefully be back a little later on.

Catch you soon.




  1. We have dozens of birds to our feeders, but that's not too surprising as we are surrounded by woodland and fields with good hedgerows. I top the feeders up twice daily, making sure that there is plenty in the last hour before it gets dark, and plenty for the morning if I am in bed longer than planned. The birds bring me such pleasure. I hope yours will too. I have never bothered with a birdhouse - we just have the mesh feeders for peanuts and fat balls, and the tube feeders for the seeds (I use sunflower seed these days as there is no waste with that.)

    1. Hi BB have put the feeders up including the fat balls. We have lots of smaller birds like sparrows and Robins but we also have the Magpies and the Crows. So hopefully the littlies will get a good share as well as the bigger ones. Just take care in this bad weather - no gymnastics please! Hugs. Triciaxx


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