Saturday, 9 December 2017

Operation Christmas

is still in full swing at Chez mois - well to tell you the truth everythings got in a bit of a mess.  All I can do is bog in and get stuck in as best as I can.  I have had a migraine for the past couple of days  - it is still hanging but no time to feel sorry for myself lots to do still.  That has not helped. At least I have the bulk of my glass preserving jars into the shed.  However they will be moved again once OH has cleaned out the stone shed with the pressure washer then the jars can be stored in there out of the way.

I have just had a pit stop to recharge with fish n chips and they have gone down very nicely.

It has been bitter out this afternoon I know as I have been out there sorting in the shed and getting rid of further rubbish.  The little chef's trolley I have has had a good scrub down and is outside.  That is going back into the kitchen rather than the dining room.  Slowly starting to see where I am going.  This is the major deep clean due on the dining room that I do every year before Christmas.  Trouble is the dining room is where we tend to put everything  down so there's always lots of little bits to pick up and put away.

I have Ivy garlands for the dressers, some battery lights, and a fir cone garland as well so I am hoping that they come up well.  Will show once done.  I also have lots of bits for my dining table as well; will probably dress the table to show you how I intend to have it, but will not be able to leave it up as the cats will wreck it.  Come dinner though they will be banned.  So a bit of messing about but it will be worth it just to have everything looking nice.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.  Lots to do.

Catch you later.



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