Friday, 1 December 2017


 I was supposed to have gone out this evening to a Christmas party however that has not happened because when I got in and went to check on Squeak my old lady; she was not very good and passed over the Rainbow bridge whilst I held her.  I have had her since she was a wee kitten.  She came with her brother Bubble.  Unfortunately Bubble got run over outside of the house at about 8 months old.

I have had quite a few years of love from an incredible and lovely natured cat.  I shall miss her dreadfully.  Even though I have five other cats there will only ever be one Squeak

Squeak in the window boxes outside of the house one of her favourite places.

Rest in peace sweetheart.


  1. I am so sorry that you have lost your friend, at least you were with her right to the end. It is distressing to lose a pet, I so get that the party was not possible. Hugs, Pam xx

  2. Being with your fur baby was most important. Sorry for your loss. Debbie

  3. So sorry. It is so hard when they go.

  4. Sorry for your loss. I can see why that precious face will be missed. They all touch our hearts.

  5. So sorry,sending all my love,Yvonne x

  6. Patty so sorry to hear about losing your beloved squeak especially so close to Christmas :( sending you big hugs and thinking of you love fluffy xxxxxx

  7. So sorry to read this Tricia. You must be heartbroken, but at least she died at home, and in your arms, and no cat could ask for more. She looks just like our little Banshee, who went to Rainbow Bridge a couple of years back now.

  8. So very sorry... but so glad you were there at the end which will have given her familiar comfort.

  9. I was really sorry to read that Squeak has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. At least she had you there with her at the end though. It's always so hard to lose a beloved animal.

  10. Sorry for your loss, she's a beauty x

  11. So sorry to hear your sad news Tricia - they take a little part of your heart with them when they depart over that rainbow bridge, sending hugs to you xxx


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