Friday, 8 December 2017

Starting to top up and ideas for quick things to add to the table

I have stocked up on Feta today;  I make my own Feta in Olive Oil for the Christmas table.  It is a favourite of OH's as well and I do not mind the odd bit here or there. Goes well with the help yourself food ethic we have here at Christmas (after the main meals are cooked that is). Here is the link.

It keeps well in the fridge and in the long-run it is cheaper to make your own.  I have bought six packs of Feta and stored it in a large jar.  I also add chilli flakes and lemon  and garlic, but you can add other fresh herbs and ingredients.  I like thyme and Rosemary. I had plenty of olive oil in, in any event as I use it a lot for preserves.

It is nice served with a salad and/or with warm garlic bread as something light when you need something to eat but not that much really.

I also keep in at Christmas Cream Fraiche and mix this with a little natural yogurt and crushed fresh fruit like Raspberries and Strawberries which have been crushed (if you do not like the seeds sieve out) add a little sweetening you can use icing sugar, sugar or artificial sweetener to taste and make sure everything is combined together and then chill in the fridge.  Makes a nice light pudding.

Or just want to dip things like crisps or breadsticks.  Get some grated cheese and onion, natural yogurt, Cream Fraiche.  Mix everything together apart from the yogurt and if your mixture is too stiff slacken it down with a little yogurt.  Chill then bring out to chip and dip. You can also add a little garlic.  This one always goes down a treat here. Yum.

Catch you soon.




  1. Thanks for the recipes, my dear... Sounds lovely.. Hope you enjoy the season.. xo

    1. Hi Faye, we now have the snow. When I am busy I nearly always don't have the time to do everything I really want to so, some tasty cheaty recipes are added just to provide a little more and so that no one gets hungry. Hope they help. Take care. Tricia x


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