Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Things are going to get better

.... they have to for all of us.  I am not the sort to give in at a mere hiccup.  Not in my nature and I don't take the word no sitting down.  I just go about things in a different way.  A battle may not be won but that doesn't mean I am not going to win the war.  This New Year is a new page in our own individual books and it is up to us to make it count to make it work for us individually by hook or by crook.  Trouble is when you do a detour you have to work things out a bit at a time. 

There are some things that I am after for my future life the main one of which is my own solid home, with a bit of land, a Rayburn and a couple of open fires or log burners as well as some form of alternative heating - my own base upon which I can build upon anything.  At this present time nothing is too clear on that front but something will turn up I feel it in my bones.  I know what I need but seeing the way there is not always open to us although I feel I am being guided towards something special and big.  I have started to dream again; its many months since I have but usually when the dreams come they are a precursor of what will happen in the future.  My birth family always referred to it as the family's early warning system.  We shall see what we shall see.  I know that I am being led and that spirit is trying to gain my attention at the moment.  For what purpose I am not sure but it is there.

I know I cannot settle to anything at the moment which is annoying me to high heaven.  I have some time and yet I don't seem to be able to use it wisely.  Just feelings, just indicators all of which are part and parcel of the bigger picture and an integral part of myself and an everyday reality.

I was late up today; it had been stormy last night, wind and rain; drip drip drip.  Annoying, soothing once the irritation at the drip drip drip had passed.  the rain then changing to snow so that we ended up with a bit of a wonderland first thing later exchanged with more rain.

I know I have been dreaming, part I remember the majority I do not but it will come.  As a result I slept late despite the fact that I needed to be up early.  In the end I gave in.  I watched a couple of war films one of which I had seen before Operation Crossbow and the other Operation Daybreak.  OH then came home from his first day back at work.  We have had cold cuts again the Turkey, some pie, some gherkins, some chutney, OH piccalilli, pickled shallots the remnants of some stuffing.  We have then had some pudding OH some cheesecake and me some Tiramisu. That all went down very nicely.

I then decided to watch a DVD "Their Finest".  I have had it for some time but had not had the opportunity to sit and watch it.  A very charming simple film which was delightful  Probably not to everyone's taste but I enjoy watching films - its a form of escapism and I am all about that - you need to do that to recharge every so often.  However it is something I get a lot of pleasure from.  I have always read, always imagined however I prefer where possible to read a book before I see a film. It is not always possible.  The film version is always someone else's interpretation and I get so much from books.  I am a very tactile person and so therefore prefer the feel of the pages on my fingers rather than a kindle which is impersonal.  In a book the words jump to life and hold you spell bound.

OH has been crashed out for a while with his partner in crime.  I have left him be as he is still full of the cold as am I. He is also  at work tomorrow which I am not.  Tomorrow I hope to play with the embroidery machine but it depends very much on what time I manage to get out of bed.  The cold has left me with very little energy and I have found that its best to listen to my body when I am like that and rest.  However it is so frustrating.

Today the words are tripping across the page - another day they will not be as fluent or come so clear so I am trying to take advantage of the muse as they say.  This is not the only post prepared - there are others in abeyance ready to hit as I finalise each one by one.  Some are Works in Progress; i.e. something is being made that has to be finished before finalising the post.  Other posts are still in the planning stage and information being sourced.

I still have a stack of DVDs to watch and also a couple of Christmas CDs to play.  I am hoping to pop them on whilst I start playing with the Embroidery machine.  Music always soothes the soul and I do not always get the freedom to play as much as I would like.

Fortunately the house is nice and warm although it is freezing outside.  I just have to sort the cats out tonight make sure that they are fed and watered - they are dining on the Turkey trimmings at the moment and they think they are in seventh heaven.  

Catch you soon.

Sweet dreams.




  1. It sounds like you are keeping warm and entertained over Christmas. I hope you are both feeling better soon, and that you get to play with your embroidery machine today. I was up early on Boxing Day morning to play with my new Janome. It is more than adequate for the sort of sewing I do.

  2. Yes keeping the house warm or at least I would if a certain cat would get himself into gear and come in. He is a right prima donna when it comes to getting him in. He wants in but makes such a song and dance and plays hard to get. Starting to have a little more energy but still sleeping heavily. Have not got to play yet as other things are getting in the way so we shall see how I get on. xx


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