Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A change of plan

In the menu for the week that is.  Today I have managed to liberate some quite large steaks of sirloin from the Co-Op and I have saved about £6 in  all.   I also managed to liberate some sausage, and another tray of lamb cutlets.  I bought mushrooms fresh from the Veg shop.  I have bacon and eggs in and I therefore rather fancied doing a mixed grill for tea which is what I did in the end as this quite took OH's fancy.  It was not the planned meal but hey so what it will get used up during the week. 

Very tasty it was too - I cooked it on the griddle after having used butter to give a surface to the pan but cooking it very gently.  I like using a griddle I always seem to get good results from it.  OH enjoyed it which was the main thing.  I think his appetite might be coming back.

As a result of opening a package of sausages I need to use them up so tomorrow night's tea is toad in the hole.  That way I am using up bits and bobs as we go along.

I also bought some fruit from the veg shop, a couple of mangos, bananas, peaches, apricots, melon, grapes, in an effort to give OH some much needed fruit and also myself.  Since the flu at Christmas I have not had much energy and I have decided to try and perk myself up a bit.  OH had a Banana Smoothie and I had Strawberry.  We had the mixed fruit sorbet/ice cream yesterday and I might have a grapefruit in the morning as part of breakfast and may well do a fresh fruit salad for pudding tomorrow night. If there is any left I can have it for breakfast the following morning.


Tea was delicious and went down very nicely.

Now its time to bath the dog and then I have a pile of hand-washing to do.  New woollen jumpers that need careful handling which were not cheap so I do not want them not to last.  

Oh by the way whenever I wear wool jumpers they tend to pill or bobble up on the sides where my arms go - I assume its because I move my arms around a fair bit but do any of you have any ideas as to how to stop or limit or put this right.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Catch you soon.



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