Saturday, 6 January 2018

Its been a cold day

....and the first day I have ventured out into town  mainly because of this blooming infection and then I have not stayed long.  I ordered some more of the Damascus knives from Lakeland and went in to pick them up but nipped into the Pound shop to get a few things topped up.  However they are not just a pound shop now they are selling selected items at higher prices, things like the Dettol Scented Disinfectant spray - I use this a lot and especially when we have colds on door handles anything we touch communally.  Whilst at the check out there was a fire alarm and everyone was herded out of the shop.  Seemed to have been a false alarm.  After collecting my shopping from there and completing the transaction I then went to Wilkinsons to also top up on some bits.

To keep the price of things down when I am looking for things I tend to go to the Pound Shop and also Wilkinsons first,  just in case they have something more than appropriate  at a far cheaper price rather than spending more elsewhere.  

I went and collected my knives last and then came away as I had had more than enough after only about an hour and a half in town.  I was glad to get in and grab a coffee.

The knives I am very chuffed with.

I have also bought two more cake storers square ones obtained from Wilkinsons for £5.  Everywhere else including TKMaxx have been selling them for £14 to £15.  They are nice and sturdy.  The previous one was turned upside down and is being used as a cheese storer in the fridge and I have a small separate box for the Stinking Bishop.  These other two one will be used for pastries and the other either small cakes or a larger cake.

I have also managed to get some reduced salmon from round the shop at £1 a pack so that has found its way into the freezer.  It will either  make up into salmon pate, salmon quiche or I will eat some with some cream cheese.  I am rather partial to salmon and cream cheese.

More parsnips have also been found at 20p  a bag so they are also destined for the freezer.  Every little helps.

Right upwards and onwards jobs to do as back to work on Monday.

Catch you soon.



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