Monday, 15 January 2018

Late to bed early to rise

My mojo has gone.  Did not manage to get to bed until late last night despite good intentions.  Subsequently did not get to bed until very late.  Up at 6:00am, hair washed and left to dry naturally.  I have psoriasis - not as bad as some people but I get it on my hands and knees every so often.  I also get it on my scalp.  I have found that my hair drier does not help so where at all possible I nearly always let it dry naturally.  My scalp does not itch as much doing it this way.  Sometimes I have to use the drier but not if I can help it.  At one stage I was prescribed medication for it but it made my hair greasy and was not pleasant and so I stopped using it.  Seems to have phases where it flares up and then dies down again.  Makes me think its linked to hormones.

We have woken up to torrential rain here today; think it has rained most of the night.  No wonder my hip is kicking off (the right hand side) and is literally being a pain. Could not get comfy last night probably another reason for me not sleeping too well.  This type of weather always ceases me up.  Go a bit like the tin man.

Have a busy day at work today and hopefully meeting my friend from work for lunch.  There will only be two of us in the office and two I think working from home (if we are up to full spec).  It does not always work like that though.  Life always intervenes.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.  You ladies who are at home I am extremely jealous - especially on a cold day like today.

Catch you later on.



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