Wednesday, 17 January 2018

More Magazine files

I went back to Poundland at dinner time to get some more of the magazine files.  I managed to find 3 more in the lime green colour but they had no more today.  They had orange and pink but I will check it out again in a few days.  The thing is I can always cover them in wadding and fabric if I cannot live with the colour or indeed a pretty wallpaper so my options are not limited but the price is so very right.  If I cannot get the lime green colour then I will get some of the orange and the pink and just cover them.  At the end of the day they are needed so that I can sort out my huge collection of craft, needlework, patchwork, crochet and cooking magazines oh and I nearly forgot the gardening magazines.

We have had some of the chicken that I cooked the other day.  I had left some in the fridge.  We had it simply with bread and butter.  OH has been seriously off his food the past couple of days and I was starting to get a little concerned.  However he has tucked into the chicken this evening.  I have had mine in a wrap with some salad and also a sprinkling of chilli sauce.  I may well have another in a moment or two.  I sometimes think we have too much choice on the food front compared to our forbears but I also think that you can only take so much fancy food.  I tend to go for simplicity to let the ingredients speak for themselves although we eat pretty well in the long run, but I think that is very much down to sensible choices and a little pre-planning.  I think we will be having some steak, salad and a potato dish like Rosti and maybe a few fried onions and mushrooms for tomorrow night's tea.  The mushrooms make a nice hot dressing when cooked in butter for the salad leaves and then the mushrooms and the butter (I always cook them in butter and a little olive oil so they do not burn) and then dribble it over the leaves.

I have been indulging in a little dreaming this evening.  I spotted some kitchen units - freestanding on Ebay - expensive when you don't have the pennies but something to bear in mind for the future - they sell the sort of solid  honest and traditional pine furniture that I like with options of painted finishes but with lovely wooden tops. Dreaming does not cost you anything, but it does give you ideas.  As I have said before I plan on doing a little cosmic ordering this year for the forever home and  now I have an idea of the type of freestanding kitchen or something similar is on the wish list as well as a big Belfast style sink.  You have to dream  - it does not cost you anything, your dreams are your dreams and it helps stretch you that little bit further and gives you something to aim for.  Keeps you going if you like during difficult times.

In the process  of mooching around on the Internet I have come across details of a place to visit - a Garden Centre near Boston.  Might be worth a trip out and it has a big food hall.  Something to do when we are at a bit of a loose end. 

I have also ordered some more fabric to make curtains for the kitchen.  I bought a load of fabric a little while ago but in the end did not have quite the quantity I needed.  I have ordered more than I needed from the place I have ordered it from and I think it will be a pretty good match for the fabric I already have and I am hoping to get quite a bit of stuff made i.e. equipment covers, etc. and sink curtain, microwave recess curtain and where the old fridge used to be under the unit I am considering asking OH to put a shelf in and then put in two wooden crates in which to store things and then putting up a curtain on the outside to hide it. I am going for a cottagey feel.

I still need to source some kitchen doors for the sink though and see if I can match them up with the kitchen unit doors I already have via Ebay or something similar.  Does not have to be brand new. In fact the units I bought are not available new anymore from the company I purchased them from.

Right I am off to do some more reading of my book; I really am enjoying it.   The DVD has also arrived so I will do a comparison however my feeling is so far that the dramatization very much followed the book.  We shall see though as I go on with it.

Catch you soon.



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