Monday, 8 January 2018

Sunday evening catch up on Monday morning and Things to do

Still feeling very tired after this episode of illness think my mojo has  A lot of the time I have been sleeping and I am worried that I will get up in time in the morning as I have slept late whilst I have been at home - I have just literally crashed out. Never mind just take a day as it comes that's as much as I can do.  Back to work tomorrow think it will be a long day. Its always cold in the office on a Monday morning as they do not have the heating on over the weekend so it tends to be bone-chillingly cold.  Our offices are old Railway buildings and there is still a very large inspection pit under the foundations which were left intact when the building was converted into offices.

I have a lot to do this month.  Most people class January as a quiet month in the greater scheme of things.  But it is not only a new month and a new year but it is the start of the preserving year for me all over again.

This is the time that I start looking at possibly growing things.  I have already mentioned the mushrooms which I have ordered.  I also got a couple of gardening magazines which are favourites the Kitchen Garden and Grow Your Own.  Both are excellent magazines and I got some red peppers and plum tomato seeds free with one of them which I aim to get  sorted and sown.  I am looking at a heated propagator to get these started.  Last year I bought plants but I am much happier growing my own from scratch.  We have not got a lot of room but I can do a little bit of stuff.  Think when it gets a bit nicer will have to get OH to help me clear the greenhouse.  The seeds can be started in the shed.

This  is the time when I start to look for forced Rhubarb and Seville Oranges.  Excuse the pun but I have to keep my eyes "peeled" locally as Seville Oranges seem to be very few and far between.  I usually get them from my veg shop but the time does vary slightly from year to year.  I always make a big batch of Seville Orange marmalade as we have it for breakfast  - not every morning but most and I always make sure that there is a batch or two of prepared Seville oranges in the freezer to make a batch or two up just before Christmas to give as pressies or in hampers.  

I also want to make some lemon marmalade and mixed fruit marmalade.

Wine making is also back on the cards as well.  Once I get this week out of the way with I hope to get back into routine again.

I have some dried fruit chutneys to make yet again for Christmas next year.  I have dried fruit which I do not want to waste which needs using and I may well make another batch of mincemeat.

I also have some fresh horseradish to prepare for the freezer.  I always process this in the food processor but I always wait before opening it up as it blows your socks of when you first open it up.  I freeze the grated root in ice cube trays and then when we need horseradish sauce I mix it with cream fraiche and a little cream.

I have made butter and yogurt so far.  I intend to do a little cheese (soft cheese and Goats milk cheese as well and also get the sourdough starter on the go again. I intend to do a couple of different flour starters and like the last time I am going to name the starters as well.

I also need to seriously look at my housework programme and also when I specifically do things.  

Monday is traditionally ironing night (although of late I have got out of the practice).  Its also a skim meal evening.

Tuesday, Wednesday whatever sometimes I just sit and watch TV or crochet but I have decided am going to do a little bit of crochet or patchwork a bit later on after the chores are out of the way so that I get some relaxation time a bit nearer to bedtime and am a bit more relaxed before going to bed.

Thursday night is usually when I go through the fridge and do a stir fry.  Fridge also gets cleaned out and any other bits and bobs used up.  Thursday has also been reduced cream night at the Co-op so if they stay true to form I shall also be making butter on the Thursday/Friday night.  The same with yogurt.  That way we will hopefully have both in stock to enjoy at the weekend and into the week.

Saturday is usually veg shop and local shopping but I want to introduce a batch cooking session on either a Saturday after shopping or on a Sunday morning.  If I do it on the Sunday morning I have decided that we shall eat mid-day.  We normally eat of an evening so that we get the most out of the weekend but we shall see how things will go.  There may be a considerable amount of tweaking.  

So there are lots of plans on the horizon.  It is about fine tuning them and making them work for me so that I am just not working all the time but get to play too.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.

Keep warm, safe, and busy.

Catch you soon.



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