Monday, 8 January 2018

Things to do a Day - Organisation - Gardening

I need to get organised and today's mission I need to try and achieve the following:

  • Buy some Lever Arch files, Blank Card Index Tabs - I think I will need about 24 in all.  I have decided to organise in the following format as seeds can be grown over one or more months. The seeds are going to be in the plastic sleeves and if there is a cross over on the month the seeds "will be transplanted" to the next index tab sleeve.
  • January
  • January to February
  • February
  • February to March
  • and so on.
  • Buy some plastic sleeves

The above is subject to whether or not I am meeting a friend at lunch today.  If I am not (with me being off sick she may have made alternative arrangements for lunch) in which case I should be able to achieve this but otherwise this will have to be file-forwarded to the next day.

It will be good to get this one out of the way with on the organisation at least as this will form the basis of the "Gardening Bible" for the year and hopefully to use as an Aide Memoire for next year  - so well worth the doing from that perspective at least.

Catch you later on.



Monday 8 January 2018

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