Monday, 12 February 2018

A long day and a quiet evening

It has been a long and busy day and I was very tired and pleased to be at home in the warm.  I had planned to do a little work this evening but I have put it off.  I have half a day tomorrow as I am going up to the hospital to see my cousin who had an operation today (a hip operation) and she asked if I would pop up to see her.  So I booked half a day and am planning on a surprise visit tomorrow to cheer her up and make sure she is okey-dokey.  Family is very important to me and this particular cousin played a big part in my childhood and that time is and was very precious.  I am out tomorrow night at a pre-arranged appointment so this seemed to me the best way to deal with things.

I don't usually mind winter but this one so far has been cold and mostly grey.  I am never normally like this as I believe that each season has something wondrous to give us, surprises and shocks too but there is always something to keep us on our toes and to appreciate nature's bounty in all its beauty and simplicity.

As I was tired I just could not be bothered to cook this evening.  I went shopping but OH cooked tea.  We have had chipolatas hot dog style with fried onions and tomato ketchup.  Needless to say I managed to get the ketchup dribbling down my chin despite not putting much on and I very much enjoyed my tea it was very tasty and simple. despite me being a mucky pup.

I have also bathed the dog.  Instead of dousing her with water I have adopted a new regime where I use a clean dishcloth, soak it and then gradually get it wetter and wetter and rub it over her fur until the fur is drenched.  It seems to cover her better and make sure no part is missed and then I use fresh water to give her a good rinse.  She seems far more relaxed about the process as well so I must be doing something right and it seems to be doing her coat good.  I also with the cats especially if they have a cold wipe their coats down with a damp cloth - it is supposed to do them good and helps with keeping them clean when they are not up to par.

I am not going to be long before I get to bed to chill and to rest and get warm (not that I am cold the heating is on) but I have found that if I do get cold I get a lot more pain and then seem to stiffen up somewhat quickly.  My cousin like my mum is not enjoying getting older!  She is very much an outdoor girl has always ridden (could ride before she could walk) and is a little frustrated that she cannot get around under her own steam  as much for the present at any rate.

I have had a delivery of a couple of the items that I have bought off of Ebay i.e. the two mixed packs of mixed mats for craft work and there are some very pretty and useful pieces in there so I am well pleased.  Some of them are not for me so if I decide not to use them I may well recycle them to the local charity shop well the ones I cannot use that is.  More about that another time though.

Right am up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.  Keep warm and keep safe wherever you may be.

Ta ta for now.

Catch you later


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